How to Deal with the Phenomenon of Dampness and Over-burning of the 3-roll Plate Bending Machine?

Ⅰ. How to deal with the dampening of the 3-roll plate bending machine?

The 3-roll plate bending machine can roll metal sheets into circular, arc and conical workpieces within a certain range. How to deal with the damping of this kind of plate rolling machine?

1. Pre-bending. When the plate is rolled, because the upper roll cannot be touched, the two ends of the plate of the roller pipe bending machine have a length that is not bent, which is called the residual straight edge. During this process, the smaller arm where the sheet begins to bend is called the theoretical residual straight edge, and its size is related to the device structure and its bending form.

2. The routine inspection process of the system software of the 3-roll plate bending machine is as follows. First check the working condition of the water temperature sensor to make sure the water temperature sensor is working well.

3. It is not necessary to apply moisture in a humid natural environment to prevent short circuit and fire caused by the re-emergence of moisture in the motor.

The upper roller of the three-roller plate bending machine moves vertically at the symmetrical position of the lower roller, which is obtained by the transmission of the nut and worm, and the lower roller rotates and is driven by the motor. The output gear of the reducer meshes with the lower roller gear to provide torque for the rolled sheet. The 3-roll plate bending machine like the 4 roll bending machine has the dual functions of pre-bending and rounding. Compact structure, easy to operate and maintain.

Ⅱ. How to avoid over-burning in the 3-roll plate bending machine

The overheating of the 3-roll plate bending machine refers to the phenomenon that the austenite grains are coarse and the grain boundaries are partially oxidized or melted, resulting in the weakening of the grain boundaries. How does it avoid overburning?

1. When the 3-roll plate bending machine is running at idle speed, the noise pressure level shall not exceed 90dB.

2. There should be no leakage in the microwave pressure components and pipes of the 3-roll plate bending machine.

3. The components of the hydraulic transmission system of the 3-roll plate bending machine are sensitive and reliable, and the system pressure meets the requirements.

4. When the gear transmission, electrical and wave pressure components of the 3 roller plate bending machine work, there must be no irregular impact sound and periodic screaming.

5. When the wave pressure system of the 3-roll plate bending machine is working, the oil temperature in the oil tank shall not exceed 50 degrees. After 4 hours of continuous full load, the oil temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.

6. Within the working range, the wave pressure transmission components of the 3-roll plate bending machine should not have vibration crawling, stagnation and significant influence. The above is how to avoid the over-burning phenomenon of the 3-roll plate bending machine, which can be used as a reference. Also pay attention to the completion of the work, the power supply should be cut off, and the power box should be locked to avoid accidents.

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