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20x2000mm 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

4 Roll Bending Machine
4 Roll Bending Machine
4 Roll Bending Machine
4 Roll Bending Machine
4 Roll Bending Machine

This type EZHONG 4 roll bending machine of the upper roller of this machine is the main driving roller, and the main drive is composed of a hydraulic motor, planetary reducer, etc. The forward and backward movement of the plate is realized by the motor forward and reverse, and the torque is mainly provided for the rolled plate. The 4 roll bending machine has measures to prevent the steel plate from slipping. Each motor is equipped with an instant brake so that the roller can stop rotating accurately in the bending state, ensure the precise positioning of the plate end, prevent the steel plate from slipping off the machine, and minimize the remaining straight edges. The lower and side lifts are driven by hydraulic cylinders, which can lift quickly when there is no load, and lift slowly when loaded, which is highly efficient and energy-saving.

The Specification Of 20x2000mm 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine


Useful Length

Without Pre bending

With Pre bending

Working Speed








The Details Of EZHONG 20x2000mm 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

- Pre-bending and forming of the end of the plate can be completed without turning after the steel plate is loaded.

- Very durable spherical roller bearings are used on each roller of 4 roll bending machines.

- Yuken products are used for the main valve groups in the hydraulic system. The valve block is a casting flow channel, large overflow, low resistance, low-pressure loss, and low heat generation, which makes the performance of 4 roll bending machine be more reliable.

- The hydraulic system of the 4 roll plate bending machine ensures the cleanliness of the system with oil suction and return oil filters. An air filter ensures the normal breathing of the fuel tank and the evaporation of water. The system has dual safety protection devices which ensure the machine's safe use. Also equipped with a centralized refueling device.

- The tipping frame is equipped with a tipping cylinder, the tipping head can be tipped and upright which is convenient for the workpiece to pick up. The turning and resetting of the turning bearing body are equipped with an interlocking device. The movement can be resumed after the bearing body is reset, which plays a role in safety protection.

- The upper roll tail is equipped with a balance device, which balances the upper roll while the bearing body is turned over. The upper roll is in a balanced state by the balance mechanism when the material is turned upside down so that the cylindrical workpiece can be easily taken out.

- The 4 roll bending machine adopts an integral base, which is strong in rigidity, easy to hoist and install. The frame and base are welded and processed with annealing aging treatment which eliminates internal stress and improves the bending machine precision. The whole structure of  4 roll bending machine is composed of building blocks, which are beautiful in shape and more convenient for maintenance.

Notes Of EZHONG 20x2000mm 4 Rolls Bending Machine Rolling Process

1. The 4 roll bending machine operates the lower roller to rise to make the busbar slightly larger than the working thickness under the upper roller, and then operate the feeding side roller to make the upper busbar on the same level, and then operate the other side between the upper and lower rollers. Time rises.

2. 4 roll bending machine feeding: feed the steel plate horizontally so that the end of the steel plate is in contact with the entire front roller, and then the front roller is lowered to the original position.

3. The 4 roll bending machine tightens the steel plate and pre-bends the end: According to the thickness and material of the steel plate, the pressure of the lower roller circuit is adjusted within a specific range, the lower roller is operated to lift and clamp the steel plate, and the upper roller is started to rotate. When following the bending position, stop the rotation of the upper roller. At this time, the left end of the centerline of the upper and lower rollers should have the necessary clamping length equivalent to 1.5 times the plate thickness. Then, the rear roller is lifted to pre-bend the end of the steel plate.

4. The sheet metal stamping press machine uses the front roll to pre-bend the other end of the steel plate. After pre-bending the left end, lower the rear roller to its original position and start the upper roller. When the steel plate follows the above-mentioned bending position, the upper roller stops rotating. Before the operation, the roller lifts the other end of the pre-bent steel plate and then adjusts the pressure of the two roller circuits left and right.

5. 4 roll bending machine pre-bending: adjust the front and rear rolls to the corresponding positions required for the work, and start the upper roll for forming and bending.

6. 4 roll bending machine forming and bending: Take out the workpiece: After the bending is completed, lower the bottom roller to a lower position, and then lower the workpiece to a certain position with the rollers on both sides, flip it over, and lift the workpiece parallel to the top roller, Take out the workpiece, complete a work cycle.

The Advantages Of 20x2000mm 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

The lifting displacement of the machine’s lower roller and lateral roller is controlled by PLC, automatically leveled, digital display on the screen, synchronization accuracy ±0.2mm. The rolling precision is high and operation is convenient.

The lower roller and lateral roller of the 4 roll bending machine can be tilted at one end.

The plate bending rolling machine is equipped with a movable operating table, which is more convenient to use by operators. The touch screen displays four work rolls positions and make the operator clear at a glance.

Control system adopts the PLC programmable controller of an internationally renowned company. The system has parameter settings, data editing, good alarms, power-off memory, man-machine interface, status display, real-time calculation, file storage, debugging mode, manual mode, program control mode, file editing, fault self-diagnosis, the intelligent judgment of operating errors, and other protection functions; Also has advantages of strong anti-interference ability, long working life, earthquake resistance, and stable operation, etc.

The high-precision sensors are used for lifting and displacement sensors of the machine lower and lateral rollers, which ensure the position accuracy and realize the position monitoring of each roller.

The main electrical components of the strong electricity part are all selected from Schneider, which has the characteristics of long working life and long trouble-free time.

The Application Of EZHONG 20x2000mm 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

The Application Of EZHONG 20x2000mm 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

EZHONG 4 roll bending machine is widely used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, utilities, metal structures, and machinery manufacturing industries. The 4 roll bending machine can rapid prototyping, high-precision coil, without auxiliary equipment, less investment.

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