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Our History

EZHONG is one of the heavy forging and shaping equipment enterprises of plate bending machine and leveling machine, which has been reformed, reorganized, and reformed. Rich experience has been accumulated in the manufacture of plate bending processing equipment such as marine plate bending machine, large-scale three-roll down plate bending machine, hydraulic variable geometry parameter plate bending machine, NC four-roll plate bending machine, NC plate roller leveler, etc. . For the state major projects and key projects to provide a large number of equipment, such as Three Gorges Dam, Bird's nest, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing Capital International Airport Third Terminal, etc., are selected EZHONG products instead of foreign products. 

The company has a number of independent intellectual property rights of the patent technology, is high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province. He has won the scientific and technological progress award of Hubei Province, the technological invention award of Hubei Province, and the scientific and technological progress award of the China Machinery Industry Federation, a variety of specifications of large-scale Horizontal down-type three-roller plate bending machine and leveler received the "national new product certificate", and incorporated into the "National Torch Program Project. 

The company has 18 professional and technical personnel, 1 expert who enjoys the subsidy of the State Council, 2 expert of science and technology in charge of the province, 1 doctor of science and technology in Germany, and has built the Hubei Provincial Engineering Center and the Hubei Provincial Research Center of heavy plate bending machine, is the post-doctoral industrialization base in Hubei Province, is the State Torch Plan Project Implementation Unit, the state key new product development and implementation unit, the state key equipment localization project implementation unit, the State Key Technology Innovation Project Implementation Unit, the China Environmental Protection Machinery Association Council Member Unit, Hubei Province High and new technology enterprise, Hubei Province Enterprise Technology Center, Hubei Province Science and technology quality and the introduction intelligence work advanced unit, Hubei Province major new product development plan implementation unit, has the self-employed import and export operation right, the state intellectual property rights demonstration enterprise and so on, it is also an outstanding enterprise of production, teaching and research. 

The company has built a new plant with an area of 400,000 square meters and a gross leasable area of 126,000 square meters in the Ezhou Economic Development Zone In the area of precision machining equipment, sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. The company has 18 departments such as "Hubei Heavy Machinery Technology Center" and "Total Quality Management Department", it can provide product design, development, and manufacturing for petrochemical industry, metallurgical building materials, water conservancy, and hydropower, marine locomotive, aerospace, Coal Mine, military industry, boiler, bridge, heavy industry, and other industries. In terms of software conditions, PDM management platform has been built, and three-dimensional CAD design software solidworks 2008, finite element analysis software cosmos 2008, and other CAE simulation analysis software and CAPP software have been configured. The company has a sound quality assurance system. IS09001: 2000/QS9000/VDA6.1 International Quality Standards System Certificate issued by the Swiss company SGS-ICS in May 2012 and IS0/TS 16949: 2002 international quality standards system certificate in July 2015, obtained Is014001-2004 environmental management system and OHSASL8001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification in October 2016, passed ISO9001: 2008 International Standard Quality System revision certification in 2019, it realizes the control of the whole process from design and development, manufacture, assembly, inspection to the whole machine leaving factory, installation and after-sale service. The company's good development has also brought many honors to the company. The company has won many honors, such as "National Integrity and Quality Service Unit, Hubei Province Special Credit Enterprise", and has been awarded "Hubei Province's best civilized unit" for five consecutive years, is the national machinery industry heavy forging and shaping equipment manufacturing star enterprises.

Over the years, the company has played a due role in the employment of Ezhou Personnel, industrial development, and the development of the national equipment manufacturing industry. Our company has approved for the National Torch Plan Project Implementation Unit, the National Ninth five-year plan, the implementation units of the 15th five-year plan for tackling key scientific and technological problems, the state key scientific and technological project implementation units, the state key new product development and implementation units, the state key equipment localization project implementation units, the state key technological innovation project implementation units, the state "tenth five-year plan" key imported technology project implementation units.

In 1958, EZHONG was founded in the "Old Capital of King Wu of the Three Kingdoms" -Ezhou City, Hubei Province, it’s one of the heavy forging and shaping equipment enterprises designated by the former First Machinery Department to produce rolling machines and levelers. And it is a famous brand in China's metal forming industry.

In 2008, EZHONG was established after EZHONG restructuring of a state-owned enterprise, which is a manufacturing company with independent legal personality. It has provided a large amount of equipment for major national projects and key projects. At same time, it has maintained long-term cooperation with different countries’ customers such as India BHEL, Russia ENERGO AVANGARD,Thailand SIAM SUNTECH, Indonesia MECO , Azerbaijan AZENCO, Iran BIMIKS etc..

"Roll-driven variable roller plate Leveler" won the second prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, "The method of increasing the straightening capacity of roller leveler and its application in the production of Leveler" won the third prize of Hubei Technical Invention Award.

The company was comprehensively assessed by the People's Daily Market newspaper, the China United Business Daily, the China Association of Small and medium-sized commercial enterprises as "China plate bending machine, leveler market customers satisfaction first brand"; in September 2006, plate bending machine, leveler was named "famous brand products of Hubei Province".

The company was awarded as "the national enterprise and Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights Pilot Unit" and "the innovative enterprise construction pilot unit of Hubei Province", "The construction of the key technology innovation platform for the industrialization of large-scale NC plate bending complete sets of equipment" won the second prize of Hubei Provincial Science and technology progress award.

The company's product "level down three roller bending machine" selected by the China Machinery Industry Association, "China Machinery Industry Innovation Products".

The company has been approved by Xi'an Heavy Machinery Research Institute to become the governing body of the Council of heavy machinery, the comprehensive strength of the company ranks in the forefront of the industry, Hubei Province is the backbone of high-tech enterprises and key star enterprises.

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