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Ship Plate Bending Machine

Ship Plate Bending Machine
Steel Sheet Rolling Machine
Steel Plate Rolling Machine

The marine three rolling machine produced by EZHONG introduces and absorbs the British "smith" technology, and has dual-purpose functions for rolling and bending. This heavy plate rolling machine mainly bends arc plates such as the ship's bow and suppressed groove hatches; the engine room of the unwinding department Bending outer plate bending processing.

The shipboard rolling mill adopts a three-roll symmetrical structure. The upper roller moves vertically at the center symmetrical position of the two rollers. The hydraulic drive is realized by the effect of the oil in the cylinder on the position. The two lower rollers rotate and provide torque for the plate through the meshing of the gear of the reducer and the gear of the lower roller. Multiple sets of support rollers are designed on the underside of the two lower rollers to enhance the rigidity of the lower rollers and can be adjusted vertically. On the upper side of the upper roller, there is a rigid beam. In addition, multiple sets of support rollers are arranged between the beam and the upper roller to improve the rigidity of the upper roller. The ship cnc plate rolling machine is suitable for bending of curved and over-wide workpieces.

The Specification Of Ship Plate Bending Machine


Full-load Min Radius

Rows Of Back-up Roller

Main Motor Power





















The Details Of EZHONG Ship Plate Bending Machine

- Individual Roll Driven: Two bottom rollers are driven by the individual reducers, which avoid mechanical interference, extend the service life of the working rolls, and improves the out-surface quality of the workpiece.

- Flexing Compensation: There is an adjustable backup roll device between the upper beam and upper back-up rollers, or the bottom beam and the bottom back-up rollers, which function is to compensate for the rolling deformation. This device is driven by the plunger-type cylinder. A load of compensation is set by the deformation performance curve, which guarantees high straightness of the workpiece while processing the plates in different thicknesses and widths.

- Mutable Center Distance: Adopting the technique of mutable center distance between the two bottom rollers, the aim is to reach a wider range and higher precision for rolling plates.

- Horizontal Moving: The bottom roll seat and each group of backup roll seats are connected with the horizontal-moving reducers in the same specification, and the horizontal moving reducers join together through the universal joint as to move synchronously. Adopting mechanical moving one way makes the oil cylinders be synchronous, the other way owns the advantage of excellent self-locking performance.

- Control System: The system of ezhong metal forming machine can work in both rolling and bending, and the two ways convert to each other conveniently. This system of ship plate bending machine has features of powerful anti-interference ability, adaption to the severe industrial environment and sufficient extending capacity, etc.

Notes Of EZHONG Ship Plate Bending Machine Smoothness

1. Effectively smooth the position of the transmission system and the drag surface of the ship plate bending machine is an effective way to reduce the driving force consumption and extend the life of the equipment. Therefore, the plate rolling machine must choose effective smooth oil and smooth vegetable oil to shape the necessary smooth rules.

2. Smoothing method: According to the load standard of the ship plate bending machine, the box-type smoothing is used separately, and the lubricating is performed regularly. The bearing and the guiding surface of the safety operation roller adopt a manual pressure-lubricating gun for smooth oiling. The hydraulic transmission device adopts a smooth box type.

3. Selection of smooth oil: Lithium-based smooth grease is used at the rolling bearing of each roller and the drag guide. The hydraulic transmission device uses the same type of gear oil as the hydraulic press machine uses management system.

The Advantages Of Ship Plate Bending Machine

Efficient and easy to roll-bending outer strake;

The bottom roll center distance is adjustable, such as lifting columns etc.

Eccentric bending, which for minimizing the straight part of the end.

Perfect and precise 90º bending.

This metal fabrication equipment has an easy operation to complete grooved hatch flange(hem).

The Application Of Ship Plate Bending Machine

The Application Of Ship Plate Bending Machine

The ship plate bending machine is widely used in shipbuilding manufacturing industries. And the ship plate bending machine can rapid prototyping, high-precision coil, without auxiliary equipment, less investment.

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