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When Choosing Premium Wind Tower Plate Bending Machine, You Need Understand The Following

1. How To Ensure The Speed

The key to the forming of the plate bending is done by the plate bending machine, a plate bending machine produced and built according to the correct design standards, only one operator is needed to achieve the ideal production rate of one wind tower component every 20-30 minutes, including spot welding. In the whole production process, CNC operating system and CNC software will support the work of the operator.

Wind Tower Plate Bending Machine

2. How To Ensure The Accuracy

The precision of the rolled section;

Length of flat end after pre-bending;

Amount of barrel/reel defect;

Consistency of the cone angle.

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3. How To Be Reliable

The Wind Tower's production process from cutting, rolling, welding, painting to shipping is a continuous process. A good bending machine produces 200 complete wind towers every year, so a bending machine can be used for 2-3 shifts every day. In this case, the reliability of the machine is the key point to ensure that the whole production line is not stopped.

4. Options For Increasing Productivity

Vertical Supports: The upper support does not require the plate roll bending machine to be equipped with any overhead lifting equipment, and the upper support can automatically tilt according to the cone angle. The bearing capacity of the upper support is between 5-70 tons.

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Lateral Supports: Lateral supports are required when rolling thin plates with larger diameters. When the upper support is combined with the hydraulic fixture, the board can be automatically calibrated, and it is convenient for spot welding.

Plate Feeding System: The advanced feeding table can automatically adjust the plates without using an overhead crane to adjust the plates. When rolling, the feeding table can automatically adjust the plate in the correct position and immediately feed it into the spoke for rolling, thus saving time and creating value.

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5. Correction Device

The side support of the feeding side is provided with a cylinder body error-correcting device, which can correct the axial and radial dislocation of the cylinder body (the positive device of the dislocation top of the pipe joint).

6. Numeric Control Units

A Modern Graphic CNC can be used to manage in the automatic cycle all machine functions. There is no need for expert bending roll operators nor experts in information technology as the PGS type of controls guide the operator through the programming routines.

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