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20x2500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

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20x2500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

The upper roller of the EZHONG plate bending machine is at the symmetrical position of the two lower rollers through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston for vertical lifting movement, and the final gear of the main reducer drives the gears of the two lower steel plate rollers to mesh for rotational movement, providing torque for the rolled plate. The flat plastic metal plate of the bending machine passes between the three work rolls (two lower rolls and one upper roll) of the bending machine. With the help of the lower pressure of the upper roll and the rotation of the lower roll, the metal plate is passed through multiple passes. Continuously bend, produce permanent plastic deformation, and roll into the required cylinder, cone, or part of them.


The 20x2500mm 3 roll bending machine is suitable for a 20mm plate. A row of fixed idlers is added to the lower part of the two lower steel plate rollers, which shortens the span of the two lower rollers, thereby improving the precision of the rolled workpiece and the 3 roll bending machine's overall performance.

The Specification Of 20x2500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine


Useful Length

Without Prebending

With Prebending

Working Speed








EZHONG 20x2500mm Three Roll Bending Machine Details

- This sheet metal forming machine has variable center distance and electro-hydraulic control drive structure.

- The right bearing seat of the upper roller is connected with the main oil cylinder through a pin. Only by removing the connecting bolts, the 3 roller bending machine can be pulled out axially, thus quickly completing the roll change work.

- With the function of pre-bending the plate end, 3 roller bending machine can be fed into the metal plate at one time, and the plate end pre-bending and workpiece winding can be completed without turning around.

- The control method is numerical control, and the displacement sensor detects the lifting of the upper roller. Superior performance and easy operation.

- The LED display screen can directly observe the working displacement of the upper roller. 3 roller bending machine is operated by one person, which is simple, convenient, and efficient.

- All work rolls are forged from high-quality steel and have undergone heat treatment and induction hardening treatment.

- Hydraulic balance system.

- Two-speed working system.

- 3 roller bending machine is manufactured in accordance with EC safety standards and has CE certification.

Notes Of 20x2500mm Three Roller Bending Machine Maintenance Procedures

1. According to the requirements in the machine lubrication diagram of three roller bending machine, add oil to the lubrication and manual lubrication points of the oil cups as required.

2. Roll the plate according to the parameters specified by the plate bending machine, the thickness of the plate is 20mm, the maximum length is 2500mm, and the yield limit of the plate material is less than 250Mpa.

3. After the power is turned on, carry out the forward and reverse movement of the lower roller and the lifting movement of the upper roller, and check whether each movement is abnormally stuck.

4. Operate strictly in accordance with the rolling procedure and operating method. When the upper roller is lifted to the limit position, pay great attention to the safe operation of the 3 roller bending machine.

5. When the main drive is stopped, the upper roller can be lifted and lowered, the tilting reset of the overturned bearing, and the upper roller can be lifted.

6. During operation, if irregular noise or impact is found, stop the 3 roller bending machine for inspection immediately.

7. During the operation, all personnel must coordinate with each other, obey the instructions of the person in charge of the rolling plate, and do not start the machine without a password.

8. When carrying out the coiling operation, pay great attention to the fact that the hand is pressed by the steel plate and the steel plate is rolled together.

9. When lifting the steel plate or drum with a crane, be careful not to collide with the 3 roller bending machine.

After the coil is finished, the site should be cleared after the work is completed, the equipment should be maintained and the power supply should be turned off in time.

The Advantages Of 20x2500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

Precise product accuracy, unique bending process, high-precision end pre-bending, continuous bending without back angle, digital control of the bending process.

The roller adopts high-strength and long-life solid bearing roller with long service life and small deformation.

The transmission gear is made of forged high-carbon steel, which has high hardness and strong wear resistance.

The whole 3 roller bending machine adopts integral steel plate welding, which is thick and beautiful and has good stability. adopts integral steel plate welding, which is thick and beautiful, and has good stability.

The Application Of EZHONG 20x2500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

The Application Of EZHONG 20x2500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

EZHONG 3 roller bending machine is widely used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, utilities, metal structures, and machinery manufacturing industries. The 3 roller bending machine can rapid prototyping, high-precision coil, without auxiliary equipment, less investment.

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