Wind Tower Plate Bending Machine

Nowadays, the market is full of different kinds of plate bending machines, grades, and prices. How to select and distinguish the most suitable products for you is a headache for many buyers.

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EZHONG tower plate bending machine is in CNC variable geometry three roll plate rolling which adopts the structure of oil cylinder down. The upper work roll of the machine is the main driving roll: the upper roll is driven by the hydraulic motor (one motor) through the planetary reducer, and the two lower rolls are driven by the hydraulic motor planetary reducer respectively. The lifting of the upper roller is realized by a hydraulic cylinder, the lifting displacement is controlled by a computer, automatic leveling, screen display, and synchronous precision ± 0.2mm.

The horizontal position of the two lower rollers can be adjusted independently, the horizontal movement adopts hydraulic transmission, and the center distance can be adjusted; The rolling cone stop is installed on the bearing seat of the lower roll on the overturning side to slow down the small end of the sector plate and realize the cone rolling in a certain range; General cone angle 30 °, 50% of full load. The tail part of the upper roll is equipped with a balance mechanism, which can easily unload the rolled workpiece and cylinder. The wind tower bending machine is equipped with a fixed console and a remote control button box, which is convenient for workers to use. It is equipped with a safety interlock device to make the operation safer. The machine is simple to operate, easy to maintain, high rolling accuracy is an advanced and practical large plate rolling equipment.

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Sheet Metal Forming Machine Industry New

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