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80x3200mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

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Three-roller full hydraulic drive: Each independent drive roller is directly connected with a hydraulic motor, and the torque can directly drive the plate to avoid power loss. Through the proportional control valve and the digital electric control system, the steel plate rolling speed can be steplessly adjusted.

• Built-in depressing cylinder: 

The depressing cylinder is built into the bed. It solves the problem of piston rod strain caused by the accumulation of oxide scale on the workpiece during the rolling process caused by the exposed piston rod of the lower pressure cylinder; realizes that the upper pressure lower cylinder and the lower pressure cylinder both work with rodless chambers. The number of high-pressure sealing rings is reduced, and the reliability of the depressing oil cylinder is improved.

• Reinforced cone-rolling:

A cone small mouth reduction device is provided on the side of the open and close bearing seat of the upper and lower work rolls. The electronic control system of sheet metal stamping press machine sets the upper working roll to incline two and maintains the relative balance of the upper roll, which can realize the rolling of small diameter and large cone angle that cannot be achieved on other machines on this three roll bending machine.

• Hydraulic pre-pressure relief system:

Through the unique hydraulic system design and working pressure detection, combined with the electronic control system design, the three roll bending machine can be smoothly unloaded under high pressure, avoiding the bouncing movement of the workpiece and the "water hammer" generated by the hydraulic system The impact of the phenomenon on the pipeline.

• Friendly man-machine interface: 

The hydraulic system and the working pressure of each cylinder, the working state of the motor, and the displacement of the displacement sensor are displayed on the display in the form of instrument controls. The display content also includes the power failure status of each hydraulic valve, each soft and hard limit prompt, equipment overload alarm, oil temperature alarm, and cooling promptly.

The Specification Of 80x3200mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

ModelUseful LengthWithout Pre bendingWith Pre bendingWorking SpeedDimensions

The Details Of EZHONG 80x3200mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

- This 3 roll bending machine is very suitable for medium and heavy plates.

- Rolling the entire cylinder or parts of cylinders with different radii can be easily achieved.

- The lower work rolls are driven by the horizontal cylinder hydraulic piston to move.

- Overload protection.

- Three sets of digital outputs to visually display the position of the work roll.

- Hydraulic inverted head frame facilitates the unloading of the rolled cylinder.

- Independent mobile console for easy operation.

- Welded steel frame and overall stress relief.

- All work rolls are forged from high-quality steel and undergo heat treatment and induction hardening treatment.

- Cone rolling device of plate bending machine.

- Hydraulic balance system.

- Two-speed working system.

- Manufactured by EC safety standards and has CE certification.

- All electrical and hydraulic components are of famous brands.

Other Notes Of 80x3200mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

1). Packaging

● Waterproof plastic film

● Pallet with plastic film

● Plywood box with plastic film

2). Shipping

● Transport by van to Shanghai port or your address

● Transport by air to your address

● Transport by sea to destination port

3). Pre-sales services

● Min. Order Quantity:1 set

● Certificate: CE or ISO certificate

● Lead time: some in stock, some half month

● OEM & ODM support

● Response in 12 hours

● 72 hours running test before delivery

4). After-sales services

● 24 hours phone service

● Online consult and operation instruction

● Technical engineer support

5). Warranty

● 1 year for main parts except for accessaries

● Do not cover the wrong operations. careless maintenance.

The Advantages Of 80x3200mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

The roller adopts high strength and high life solid bearing roller with long time and small deformation.

The driving gear adopts forging high carbon steel, high hardness, and strong wear-resisting property.

The whole three roll bending machine adopts integral steel plate welding, thick and beautiful, the stability is good.

Simple operation, a single person can work independently.

The Application Of EZHONG 80x3200mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

The Application Of EZHONG 80x3200mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

Three roll bending machine is widely used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, utilities, metal structures and machinery manufacturing industries. The three roll bending machine can rapid prototyping, high-precision coil, without auxiliary equipment, less investment.

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