Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Petrochemical

Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Petrochemical

EZHONG plate forming machines are widely used in the petrochemical industry, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves efficiency. Especially in the construction of marine engineering such as pressure vessels, large offshore oil platforms, and offshore wind power generation, the EZHONG heavy plate rolling machine has been widely used, and the manufacture of thick-walled and small-diameter steel pipes has solved many industry problems.

Petrochemical Sheet Metal Forming Machine Technical Advantages:

1. The bending process of the metal sheet rolling machine with unique precision, high-precision end pre-bending, continuous bending without back angle;

2. Digital control of the bending process man-machine dialogue control interface;

3. Intelligent operation of the physical bending process software, man-machine dialogue window, automatic compensation of the bending process;

4. The single-person operation, safe and convenient, rich curved shape with rolling.

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