270x3500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

Three Roller Bending Machine
3 Roll Bending Machine
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Three Roll Bending
270x3500MM 3 Rolls Bending Machine

The horizontal downward adjustment type three roller bending machine adopts the right main oil cylinder to adopt the upper position and the left main oil cylinder to adopt the lower position structure. The three working rollers of the machine are all the main driving rollers. The upper roller is driven by the hydraulic motor through the planetary reducer, and the lower roller is driven by the hydraulic motor through the planetary reducer. The planetary driving device is directly coupled with the roll shaft, it can greatly reduce the load loss (useless work) and make as much work (useful work) as possible to be used in the plate bending. The lifting of the upper roller is driven by hydraulic pressure, and the lifting displacement is controlled by a computer. The screen shows that the synchronizing precision is ± 0.2 mm. The Horizontal Movement of the Lower Roller is driven by mechanical transmission. The horizontal movement is decelerated by the worm gear reducer and converted into linear movement by the screw and nut pair. The tilting and reposition of the turnover frame are driven by hydraulic pressure, and the tail of the upper roller is provided with a hydraulic balance mechanism, which can conveniently unload the rolled workpiece and the cylinder body. A fixed operating table and a remote control button box are provided for the convenience of workers. Three roller bending machine is equipped with a safety interlock device to make the operation safer. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, and high rolling precision, and is an advanced and practical large plate bending equipment.

The Specification Of 270x3500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine


Useful Length

Without Pre bending

With Pre bending

Working Speed








The Details Of EZHONG 270x3500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

- This sheet metal forming machine is very suitable for medium and heavy plates.

- The unique bending process of this three roller bending machine can realize end pre-bending and continuous bending without back angle, and the bending process is fully digitally displayed.

- Built-in pressure cylinder to strengthen conical rolling; hydraulic pre-relief system.

- EZHONG three roller bending machine has a variety of overload and safety protection functions, linkage interlock, automatic fault alarm, and prompt, which can effectively prevent misoperation and protect equipment and operators.

- Friendly man-machine interface, efficient and intelligent operation, physical bending process software, automatic compensation during bending, single operation,

- All work rolls are forged from high-quality steel and are heat-treated and induction hardened.

- EZHONG plate roll bending machine is made in accordance with EC safety standards and have CE certification.

- All electrical and hydraulic components are famous brands.

Notes For Using EZHONG 270x3500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

1. Check whether the three-roller bending machine and the connecting screws are loose and normal.

2. When operating, pick up the falling materials at the furnace joint of the 3 roll bending machine in time.

3. Check whether the three-roller bending machine is off-track and whether the joint connection is intact. Adjust and repair in time.

4. The fire has not been completely extinguished at night, so someone needs to be on duty to prevent the fire from burning and damaging the three roller bending machine.

5. Mechanics should add butter and oil to each component in time, check whether the three roller bending machine has abnormal movement on time, deal with it in time, check whether each component is missing in time, and make up for any missing.

The Advantages Of 270x3500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

The roller adopts high strength and high life solid bearing roller with long time and small deformation.

The driving gear adopts forging high carbon steel, high hardness and strong wear-resisting property.

The whole three roller bending machine adopts integral steel plate welding, thick and beautiful, the stability is good.

Simple operation, a single person can work independently.

The Application Of EZHONG 270x3500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

The Application Of EZHONG 270x3500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

EZHONG three roller bending machine is used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, utilities, metal structures and machinery manufacturing industries. The plate bending machine can rapid prototyping, high-precision coil, without auxiliary equipment, less investment.

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