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EZHONG specializes in the production of heavy plate leveling machines, composite plate levelers, high-strength engineering machinery levelers, high-strength steel sheet levelers, and other straighten machines. As one of the leading leveling machine manufacturers, EZHONG has reached the international advanced level in the research and production of plate straightening machines. EZHONG straighten machine has absorbed advanced foreign technology, especially the German leveler technology, and developed a series of new plate leveling machines with independent intellectual property rights. For decades, it has solved various industry problems in the process of metal sheets conforming to the process. Its high leveling accuracy, high efficiency, high degree of automation, and low energy consumption have been unanimously praised by our customers. The largest flatten machine in China is the EZW43T-120×3000mm (400Mpa) roll plate leveling machine currently produced by EZHONG.

Types Of Plate Leveling Machine

Are Expensive Plate Leveling Machine Worth It?

Are Expensive Plate Leveling Machine Worth It?

• Pre-stressed frame structure: The pre-stressed tie rods and the frame column are respectively deformed in tension and compression under the action of pre-tightening force. When the plate leveling machine is under the action of the corrective force, the force of the tie rod and the column is redistributed, the force of the tie rod increases and the force of the column decreases, which gives full play to the performance of each component material.

• Small roll spacing and small roll diameter: adopt the form of small roll spacing and small roll diameter to improve the leveling quality. Due to the small diameter of the work rolls, the work rolls have small diameters and greater correction force, so the backup rolls are densely arranged in a chess-like distribution, which not only increases the horizontal rigidity of the work rolls but also has a better bending effect.

• The position of the correction roller is individually adjustable: This structure can flexibly adjust the reduction according to the requirements of the correction process so that the reduction of each correction roller is in the best state, and the plate can be corrected with fewer bending times.

• Process control system: The computer model can set the roll gap according to the thickness, width, flatness, and temperature of the corrected steel plate, automatically bite the plate and feed and has the functions of overload protection and AGC bounce compensation.

• On-line measurement technology of strength parameters: online four-way deformation and strength parameter testing, display, and processing when correcting the medium and thick plate roller straightening machine through strain gauges, etc., with alarm function.

How Do You Use A Plate Leveling Machine?

How Do You Use A Plate Leveling Machine?

• EZHONG plate leveling machine is composed of the frame assembly, work rolls, support rolls, stop wheel devices, movable beams, lower beams, lower corner mechanisms, balance devices, displacement sensing devices, main transmission devices, dry oil lubrication systems, and electrical control system and other parts.

• The upper and lower rollers of the main drive system are fully driven by two motors, which can be braked for emergency stop and have a soft start device, which has a small impact on the power grid, reliable performance, low noise, and compact structure.

• The upper and lower support rollers are supported by multiple rows of multiple diameters and are arranged in a chess pattern with the work rolls. The bottom is equipped with an integral inclined iron adjustment mechanism. Manual fine-tuning is used to adjust the shape of the upper and lower leveling rollers to maintain the rigidity of the work rolls and level the waves of the thin plate.  When the convex and concave buckle is deformed, it is necessary to use the support roller to change the convexity of the work roll, and manually adjust the opening amount and inclination angle of the upper leveling roller, which can easily adapt to the correction requirements of wave bending and scoop-shaped plates.

• The work roll journals all adopt the self-aligning needle roller bearings dedicated to the rolling mill. Compared with the copper sleeve, the transmission efficiency is high, the service life is long, the friction resistance of the work roll is small, the non-slip condition is greatly improved, and the thinner steel plate can be straightened.

• Adopt a closed frame, the corrective force is enclosed inside, the frame appearance is simple, the overall rigidity is good, and the foundation can be fully loaded and leveled.

• The depressing corner mechanism and the corner mechanism are combined together, using group technology, using two sets of the same power system, driven by a YEJ type motor, so that the movable beam can be accurately and automatically positioned and quickly swiveled.

Why Choose EZHONG Plate Leveling Machine?

Why Choose EZHONG Plate Leveling Machine?

The CNC plate leveling machine is the first of its kind and has been widely used in industry. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, high leveling accuracy, wide process range, high degree of automation, and reliable and stable work under high strength. During the roll leveling process, the metal plate After a series of alternating bending, the precise control of the pressing amount of each leveling drum through the motor and PLC control eliminates the internal stress and fundamentally solves the different leveling effect caused by the different stresses in each part of the sheet. Ideally, high-precision leveling is achieved.

Compared with other leveling methods, the plate straightening machine's control system has the functions of storing, recalling, and editing process and equipment parameters, and has the function of identifying and early warning of misoperation. When in use, on the operating table, the inlet and outlet reductions can be set according to parameters such as plate thickness, plate width, material strength, etc. or the existing parameters in the database, so as to realize the electric adjustment of the work roll and the entry gap, and it can be adjusted manually. And correction. As a professional leveling machine manufacturer, EZHONG provides high quality plate leveling machines at a competitive price.

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