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Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Shipbuilding

EZHONG is working with long-term cooperative relationships with different shipyards, dealing with high-quality and high-precision sheet metal forming machines. The ship-based three-roller roll board produced by EU is introduced to absorb the British "Smith" technology, including the function of the roll and bending, mainly bent the arc plate and the pressing groove type hatch of the ship; Bending the bending process to effectively meet the needs of our customers.

Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding Sheet Metal Forming Machine Technical Advantages:

1. Individual Roll Driven: Two bottom metal plate rollers are driven by the individual reducers, which avoid mechanical interference, extend the service life of the working rolls, and improves the out-surface quality of the workpiece.

2. Flexing Compensation: There is an adjustable backup roll device between the upper beam and upper back-up metal plate roller, or the bottom beam and the bottom back-up metal plate rollers, which function is to compensate for the rolling deformation. This device is driven by the plunger-type cylinder. A load of compensation is set by the deformation performance curve, which guarantees high straightness of the workpiece while processing the plates in different thicknesses and widths.

3. Mutable Center Distance: Adopting the technique of mutable center distance between the two bottom metal plate rollers, the aim is to reach a wider range and higher precision for rolling plates.

4. Horizontal Moving: The bottom roll seat and each group of backup roll seats are connected with the horizontal-moving reducers in the same specification, and the horizontal moving reducers join together through the universal joint as to move synchronously. Adopting mechanical moving one way makes the oil cylinders be synchronous, the other way owns the advantage of excellent self-locking performance.

5. Control System: The ship plate bending machine system can work in both rolling and bending, and the two ways convert to each other conveniently. This system has features of powerful anti-interference ability, adaption to the severe industrial environment and sufficient extending capacity, etc.

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