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China's Ultrathick, Ultrawide and High-Strength Steel Leveling Machine Observatory Held Successfully After Reinstallation in Hubei!

On April 28, 2023, the EZW43T-60X4500mm special thick and ultra-wide high-strength steel leveling machine trial and observation meeting hosted by Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD was successfully held with the support of Hubei Forging and Pressing Association, Ezhou City New Media, and witnesses from domestic metal composite board industry leading enterprises, such as Paphon Chaiyapuckdecha from Thailand.



This equipment is a 60*4500 special thick, ultra-wide high-strength plate leveling machine designed and manufactured by Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD for Jiangsu Zhenjiang new energy users, which can level steel plates up to 60mm thick and 4500mm wide.


The trial was completed without the equipment being grounded. The steel plate used for leveling was a blast composite plate with a size of 42mm thick, 13000mm long, and 3200mm wide, as well as a round composite steel plate that is 40mm thick and 3200mm in diameter, which was very difficult. The final leveling accuracy reached 0.7 per thousand, and it received unanimous recognition from the industry association leaders and users who visited the site!




Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD's leveling machine products have obtained many national patents, three of which are self-owned patented technologies and are industry-leading:

Invention patent technology for split roller main drive leveling machine

a. Split roller drive eliminates mechanical interference and additional torque, improves the overall efficiency of the main transmission, and reduces the power of the main motor. It extends the working roller's life and protects the surface of the workpiece.

b. The reducer of the upper and lower rolling mill is installed in the same box on the same side, and the large gear of the low-speed shaft in the box is arranged in an axial staggered manner. The size of the large gear is increased, the number of allocation levels is reduced, and the bearing capacity is increased.

c. The split roller drive enables the medium-thick plate to achieve linearly decreasing pressure correction, which conforms to the correction law of steel plate.

Invention patent technology for variable roller number: The machine's side rolls are adjustable and have the function of variable roller number. When leveling the plate, different roller numbers can be used according to the different plate thicknesses. When both ends of the rolls rise to the upper limit, they do not participate in the leveling work, reducing two rolls, reducing the machine load and expanding the leveling range. By changing the number of rolls, the local increasing supporting roller's bearing capacity or number can increase the corrected plate thickness by 10% to 30%, or increase the strength of the corrected plate by 20% to 60%.

Invention patent for the leveling machine's automatic opening adjustment device: it can automatically calculate the input and output opening amount based on the plate information and adjust the parameters, achieving automatic adjustment of the machine opening amount, high leveling accuracy, and improving the automation level of the product.


Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD is an innovative technology company designated by the former Ministry of Machinery and other heavy forging and forming equipment, with a long history, many achievements, and extensive experience in the manufacture of heavy leveling machines. It has designed and manufactured the largest 120×3000 sheet leveling machine in China, which is put into use in Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd.

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