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Metal clad plate not only has wear resistance and corrosion resistance of precious metals, but also has good weldability, extensibility and formability of carbon steel. It not only has good strength, deep processing performance and thermal conductivity of carbon steel, but also has wear-resista nt, corrosion-resistant and decorative performance of stainless steel, which can greatly reduce the cost.

With the patent technology of separating roller driving and side roller adjustable, the EZHONG heavy composite sheet metal leveler solves the difficult problem of plate stress concentration and large deformation in the process of metal plate composite technology.

The Specification Of 9 Rolls Leveling Machine


Useful Width



Max. Thickness

Leveling Accuracy








The Details Of EZHONG 9 Rolls Leveling Machine

- The patented technology of sub-roller drive is adopted to eliminate the mechanical interference and negative torque phenomenon between the rollers and various problems arising therefrom, prolong the life of the work roll and protect the surface of the workpiece.

- The sub-roller drive enables the medium and heavy plates to also realize the linear decompression leveling method, which conforms to the steel plate leveling law and achieves the required leveling accuracy. As the amount of bending is gradually reduced, compared with the large-deformation leveling method of parallel bending, the total deformation of the material is reduced, the total leveling force and the total power consumption are reduced, and energy is saved.

- The straighten machine adopts an integral closed frame, the ribs are arranged reasonably in the four-corner large arc transition, the rigidity and strength are good, and the appearance is beautiful and the lines are smooth.

- All rolling bearings, worm gearboxes, screw rods, and other motions are centralized lubricated by two-line electric oil feeders, and there is no alarm safety device.

- The work rolls are made of high-quality materials especially used for cold rolling mills and levelers, quenched and tempered, and the surface of the roll body is quenched. The upper and lower work rolls and guide rolls are all-new rolling bearings for rolling mills, which are shock-resistant and anti-vibration. The strength and rigidity of the work rolls and the life of the bearings are sufficiently guaranteed.

- The control system of the sheet metal leveler has the advantages of advanced technology, compact structure, intuitive, convenient, and clear operation, powerful control function, reliable operation, and convenient maintenance.

Notes For Setting EZHONG 9 Rolls Leveling Machine Control System

The sheet metal leveler shall be equipped with electric interlock protection and travel limit protection of each moving part. And there are emergency stop switches on the frame (four columns) and the electric cabinet, which can realize emergency stop. The entrance and exit sides of the plate leveler are required to be equipped with a set of photoelectric switches. When a certain part of the operator's body enters the machine, it can immediately stop automatically and cannot be started. When this function is not needed, the man-made control failure button on the console can be restored to normal when the button is released.

The Advantages Of 9 Rolls Leveling Machine

Optimal rational design

Use a large number of advanced manufacturing technologies to carry out SOLIDWORKS full three-dimensional digital design, etc.;

Intelligent control method: PLC+touch screen+button, all working parameters can be set in the man-machine interface, with parameter memory, storage, power-off memory functions.

Human machine interconnection

The control system of the sheet metal leveler has the functions of storing, recalling, editing process and equipment parameters. When using the sheet metal leveler, it can set the inlet and outlet reductions according to the parameters of plate thickness, plate width, material strength, etc., and realize automatic adjustment. Simple operation, single person can work independently.

Automatic adjustment device for the opening of the sheet metal leveler.

Before the plate enters the sheet metal leveler, the plate thickness, width, and material are measured by scanning the plate information processing unit, and the signal is transmitted to the electrical control cabinet. The opening amount calculation is automatically performed, and the opening amount of the machine is adjusted. The value is confirmed after correction. Make adjustments again.

Manufactured in accordance with EC safety standards and has CE certification.

The whole sheet metal leveler adopts integral steel plate welding, which is thick and beautiful, and has good stability.

The processing accuracy is extremely high, the efficiency is high, and the stable and high-quality leveling effect can be guaranteed.

The Application Of 9 Rolls Leveling Machine

The Application Of 9 Rolls Leveling Machine

The sheet metal leveler widely used in industry. EZHONG leveling machine has advanced technology, high leveling accuracy, wide process range, high degree of automation, and good working reliability under high strength. The application range of sheet metal leveler involves aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, and instrumentation. Stainless steel products, etc., play an important role in the verticality, parallelism, and appearance of industrial structural parts.

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