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The 3 roller plate bending machine can feed a material that does not need to turn to complete the sheet end pre-bending and rolling metal plate. Can also carry out rough shaping of sheet metal, with low energy consumption, low noise, power of the main motor with a small value, high energy saving, simple operation, precision bending. In addition, the W11 level down three roller coiling machine has the following characteristics:


1: The use of double driving 3 roller plate bending machine patent, the two lower rollers are driven by separate power system, due to the elimination of the sliding friction caused by mechanical interference, vibration and wear, and roller bearings for rolling mill with roller bearing, the friction resistance is small, so the low energy consumption, low noise, the main motor power demand value small, energy-saving and environmental protection.


2: The hydraulic 3 roller plate bending machine patent, an integrated cylinder patent, and a rolling machine volume cone device patent, the lower end of the cylinder head is placed in the bed, the frame has the advantages of compact structure, straight body size, not only reduces the space occupied by the machine and turn head body dynamic I can, and around the body rolled the small end of the smaller diameter cone and the butterfly, expand the scope of use.


3: The level down lapping machine mobile device patent, the level of the mobile device has the advantages of compact structure, accurate positioning, convenient maintenance.


4: The upper roller at both ends of the synchronous lifting, roll cone tilt control and leveling, the lower roller horizontal movement of the control by the CNC system automatic control, high precision control.


5: CNC system for its own development, the leading domestic, with the screen display, roll system, program control, process parameters storage, software protection and fault alarm, man-machine dialogue, and other functions.

The Specification Of 140x4500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine


Useful Length

Without Pre bending

With Pre bending

Working Speed








The Details Of EZHONG 140x4500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

- Precise product accuracy, unique bending process, high-precision end pre-bending, continuous bending without back angle, digital control of the bending process.

- The end of the plate is pre-bent, and the integral chassis is adopted, the foundation is simple, and the mobile operation is convenient to set up.

- Rolling O-shaped, U-shaped, multi-section R-shaped, and other curved shapes, which are very suitable for medium and thick plates, and roll products with high straightness.

- The unique rolling process, continuous bending to avoid "dead bend" and "pointed peach".

- The lower work roll is driven to move by the hydraulic piston of the horizontal oil cylinder.

- Overload protection.

- Three sets of digital output, visually display the position of the work roll.

- All work rolls are forged from high-quality steel and have undergone heat treatment and induction hardening treatment.

- Hydraulic balance system.

- Two-speed working system.

- This metal fabrication equipment is manufactured in accordance with EC safety standards and has CE certification.

Notes For Using EZHONG 140x4500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

1. Check whether the 3 roll bending machine and the connecting screws are loose and normal.

2. When operating, pick up the falling materials at the furnace joint of the 3 roller plate bending machine in time.

3. Check whether the 3 roller plate bending machine is off-track and whether the joint connection is intact. Adjust and repair in time.

4. The fire has not been completely extinguished at night, so someone needs to be on duty to prevent the fire from burning and damaging the 3 roller plate bending machine.

5. Mechanics should add butter and oil to each component in time, check whether the 3 roller plate bending machine has abnormal movement on time, deal with it in time, check whether each component is missing in time, and make up for any missing.

The Advantages Of 140x4500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

The roller adopts high strength and high life solid bearing roller with long time and small deformation.

The driving gear adopts forging high carbon steel, high hardness and strong wear-resisting property.

The whole plate roll bending machine adopts integral steel plate welding, thick and beautiful, the stability is good.

Simple operation, a single person can work independently.

The Application Of EZHONG 140x4500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

The Application Of EZHONG 140x4500mm 3 Rolls Bending Machine

EZHONG 3 roller plate bending machine is widely used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, utilities, metal structures and machinery manufacturing industries. The  3 roller plate bending machine can rapid prototyping, high-precision coil, without auxiliary equipment, less investment.

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