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Plate Bending Machine

The plate bending machine is forging equipment used to bend metal plates. It is dedicated to the forming and bending work of metal plates. This bending roll machine can pre-bend and roll various cylindrical and arc-shaped parts with the help of auxiliary equipment. Rolling of cone-shaped cylinders can be carried out. And this bending plate machine is one of the key equipment in a boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical, metal structure, cement machinery, chemical machinery, machinery manufacturing, and maintenance departments.

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Plate Leveling Machine

The leveling machine is mainly used to correct various specifications of plates. The "Bauschinger effect" of the material is used to repeatedly bend the plates to gradually reduce the bending deflection so that the multiple original curvatures gradually become a single curvature, and finally, It is leveled to achieve the leveling accuracy required by the process. The application range of EZHONG plate leveling machines covers many industries such as machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, electronics, electric power, light industry, etc., especially in shipbuilding, rolling stock, boiler bridges, metal structure factories, and other industries.

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Press Machine
The press machine is a universal press with a sophisticated structure, which consists of four parts: an upper pressure four-column hydraulic press; a combined control cabinet; an electric heating system and a heat preservation device; and a mold conveying platform. By applying strong pressure to the metal blank, the metal is plastically deformed and fractured to be processed into parts. The press machine can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes, and is mainly used for interference fit press-fitting and disassembly of large shaft parts.
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Profile Bending Machine
Profile Bending Machine
The profile bending machine is special high-efficiency metal fabrication equipment for the bending of various profiles such as angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, flat steel, square tube, round tube, etc. And the profile bending machine can complete the end pre-bending and coiling of various profiles. Round and arc-shaped workpieces are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, hydropower, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, steel structure construction, and other industries.
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Second Hand Metal Forming Machine
EZHONG is a large-scale manufacturer for producing plate bending machines, plate leveling machines and other heavy-duty forging plastic surgery equipment, and a production base of China's largest roll machine, sheet flat machine and axle pressing machine. After decades of development and product technology, product technology has become more competitive. The market share of E-weight in China has always maintained first, especially large roll plates in China's large-scale roll market. The market share of the machine is more than 90%.
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Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Different Applications
Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Different Applications
Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Steel Construction
Steel Construction MORE
Steel Construction
EZHONG's profile bending machine is widely used in the steel structure construction industry. It is a kind of high-efficiency processing equipment for special-shaped bending steel, channel steel, ...
Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Wind Towers
Wind Towers MORE
Wind Towers
EZHONG wind tower special CNC change geometric level deconditioned three-roller roll machine is a domestic and foreign wind tower manufacturer's best-selling machine, high roll accuracy, which is ...
Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Road/Railway Tankers
Road/Railway Tankers MORE
Road/Railway Tankers
Tanker for transporting liquid food, fuel, and other substances is also mostly used in our EZHONG. In the most shape (circular, elliptical, and multilayer), the CNC roller of steel or aluminum sheet i...
Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Silos
Silos MORE
Large-sized tanks and silos are not normally subject to major internal pressures and are therefore made by bending metal plates of small and medium thickness.EZHONG offers tank manufacturers a range o...
Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Shipbuilding
Shipbuilding MORE
EZHONG is working with long-term cooperative relationships with different shipyards, dealing with high quality and high-precision plate forming machines. The ship-based three-roller roll board produce...
Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Petrochemical
Petrochemical MORE
EZHONG plate forming machines are widely used in the petrochemical industry, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves efficiency. Especially in the construction of marine engi...
Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Automotive
Automotive MORE
In the locomotive machinery, the professional jaw heavy plate rolling machine can be applied to its production. Generally, in high-strength and wear-resistant steel, forklifts can be of various shapes...
Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Aircraft
Aircraft MORE
EZHONG sheet forming machines sell well in the aerospace and defense sectors. The machines can produce aircraft parts and components, such as airframes and so on.Technical advantagesThe high precision...
Cases About Sheet Metal Forming Machine

EZHONG designed and manufactured EZY rolling forming system for Lamprell(UAE), which is currently the most popular plate rolling machine type in wind power tower manufacturing industry of the world. T...


EZHONG has signed a global largest plate bending machine order, the roller machine will be put into use in Shandong Renni Hybrid Gas Co., Ltd., Shandong Huimin I Group


EZHONG reloaded the W11S-150*3200 wind tower of China Aviation for Zhonghang Sanhang in Xiamen Base Trial, this automatic number of coincidence can be made of 90mm thick, 345MPa, 3000mm wide panel roll 7-8 meters diameter, finally soldered to the pile tower.


In 2021, Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd produced 160*3500mm plate bending machine, which will be the largest bending machine in Guangxi Province Autonomous Region for Guangxi Zhongyi Heavy Industry.


The 120*3200mm three-roller plate bending machine exported to BIMIKS was highly praised by BIMIKS engineers. It is a reliable and efficient machine.


The 2021 China International Metal Forming Exhibition officially opened at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center on July 27, 2021! This exhibition attracted many well-known manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, bringing a "visual feast" for the industry insiders.

In September 2022, good news came from EZHONG again: the Ministry of International Trade signed an order with Lamprell in the United Arab Emirates for a set of 200X4500 full hydraulic horizontal downw...

About EZHONG Sheet Metal Forming Machine Manufacturer
About EZHONG About EZHONG Sheet Metal Forming Machine Manufacturer

EZHONG Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the ancient city of Wudu - Ezhou City, Hubei Province. It is one of the heavy forging and shaping equipment enterprises designated by the former First Machinery Department to produce plate bending rolling machines and plate leveling machines. It is a manufacturing company with an independent legal personality established after reform, reorganization and restructuring.

The roll forming machine manufacturer has accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing of plate bending rolling machines such as large-scale horizontal three-roll bending machine, full hydraulic bending machine, CNC 4 roll plate bending machine, CNC plate leveling machine, etc. And our sheet metal roll forming machines are for sale at very competitive prices. As one of the professional roll forming machine manufacturers in China, we have provided a large number of the equipment for national major projects and key projects, such as the Three Gorges Project, the bird's nest, the National Grand Theater, the third terminal building of the capital airport, etc., all of which use EZHONG brand products to replace foreign products.

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Leveling Machine

The plate leveling machine in China Steel Union was approved by the company's president Lu Lin, and six machines were purchased in EZHONG successively.

High-Strength Steel Leveling Machines

The world's top 500 Sany Heavy Industry purchased 30 sets of EZHONG high-strength steel leveling machines. The plate straightening machines manufactured by EZHONG are sold throughout the world through Sany's sales channels every day.

Three-Roller Plate Bending Machine

The 120*3200mm three-roller plate bending machine exported to was highly praised by BIMIKS engineers. It is a reliable and efficient machine.

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