EZHONG Specialized Plate Rolling Machine For Wind Power Tower



EZHONG designed and manufactured EZY rolling forming system for Lamprell(UAE), which is currently the most popular plate rolling machine type in wind power tower manufacturing industry of the world. This machine can roll DH36 high-strength steel plates with thickness 125mm and width 4200mm, which is an ideal choice for the forming of thick plate and large-diameter wind power towers.


The 3 rolls full-drive transmission system of EZY series plate rolling machine provides strong power for the machine, which is a perfect combination of high-strength rolling and high-precision pre-bending; its performance is comparable to the more expensive 4 roller plate rolling machine.



EZY series plate rolling machine can adjust the distance between centers of the two lower rollers according to the different diameters of the workpieces.

In order to improve efficiency and precision, it is equipped with a fast and safe plate centering mechanism, and is used with a 35-meter-long electric conveying roller table.

The maximum rolling diameter can reach 12 meters. The machine is equipped with upper support, left and right support and automatic deviation correction system, which can roll 16-20 single-section cylinders efficiently every day.

In addition, the power roller table is equipped with an adjustable platform, which solves the rolling of the 10-degree conical cylinder perfectly .

The foundation construction is simple, and saving 30% of the foundation cost compared with similar models.

Equipped with EPS system, the synchronization of rollers is controlled by electronic system, It has calculation, storage, alarm and other functions,and the error is less than one thousandth.

EZHONG have manufactured 8000T plate rolling machine with the largest pressing force in the world successfully, and it can roll workpieces up to 300mm thick. EZHONG will always be your reliable partner.


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