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The 17 roll high strength steel leveling machine is popular in our many clients. It mainly produces the leveling of bulletproof steel plate. The main transmission structure uses the principle of "group main drive" technology and adopts the coaxial double drive mode. Four planetary reducers are connected with the reducer (distribution box) (transmission ratio i= 1) through the gear coupling, 17 work rolls are driven at both ends of the work roll at the same time to reduce the transmission torque of the universal joint shaft by half and improve the safety factor of the universal joint shaft.

The Specification Of 17 Rolls Leveling Machine


Useful Width

Yield Limit

Max. Thickness

Leveling Accuracy








The Details Of EZHONG 17 Rolls Leveling Machine

- The roller levelling machine has the characteristics of advanced technology, simple and convenient operation, wide process range, digital display combined with industrial computer control, etc., using the work console to complete all ball, leveling, and discharging tasks, and has a memory function.

- The working spoke device is the core component of the roller levelling machine. The plate is rolled through multiple workpieces, and the plate is repeatedly bent many times, so that the multiple original curvatures gradually become a single curvature, and they are finally leveled. The machine is equipped with two side rollers, which take into account the non-parallel leveling of thin and thick plates, and expands the range of leveling workpieces.

- The press machine has a two-hammer power system. When two motors rotate at the same time, the movable beam can be raised and lowered. When the motors rotate separately, the movable beam can swing.

- The transmission device uses the split-rolling main drive technology, and the operation of multiple motors drives the rotation of multiple working spokes. The feeding and discharging track are controlled by the console of the roller levelling machine, and it is electrically reversible, and it is ensured that the two have the same movement speed.

- Manufacture in accordance with EC safety standards and have CE certification.

- The whole roller levelling machine adopts integral steel plate welding, which is thick and beautiful and has good stability.

Notes For Setting EZHONG 17 Rolls Leveling Machine Control System

1. There are always n-2 deformations when the plate is leveled. When the second roller is deformed for the first time, it should be ensured that 60% of the plate thickness is in a plastic deformation state, and the deformation of the subsequent rollers decreases successively until the elastic deformation (the deformation is zero).

2. According to the characteristics of the maximum load, the selected work roll has a large roll distance and roll diameter, and the rigidity of the machine is good and the leveling accuracy is guaranteed. Take into account the maximum and minimum plate thickness leveling. The work roll journals of this roller levelling machine all adopt precise rolling mill special bearings, the friction resistance of the work roll is small, the non-slip condition is greatly improved, and the thinner steel plate can be straightened. The roller-making device adopts the technology of the German SMS company, with a large roll diameter to roll pitch ratio, which improves the strength of the work roll, reduces the blind correction zone, and improves the leveling accuracy of the workpiece. Roller journals all adopt special rolling bearings for new rolling mills, with a service life of 5 to 10 years. The selection, structural design, and manufacturing of the work roll bearing coupling parts should ensure reliability and durability, and fully consider the axial and radial load and deformation of the work roll. 

3. Compared with the sliding bearing, the transmission efficiency is high, and the motor power can be doubled. Energy-saving; long service life, a small overturning moment of the frame, low friction resistance, with the sub-roller drive, can effectively improve the slip of the workpiece, bend thinner steel plates, and improve the leveling accuracy. The adjustment and positioning of the gap and angle of the upper and lower work rolls are accurate and efficient, and the guiding mechanism has good precision and high stability.

4. The work roll material is 60CrMoV, according to the standard requirements of "JB/T3164-2007 Roller Plate Leveling Machine Technical Conditions", quenched and tempered HBW286~321, surface hardening hardness HS85-95 (HRC56-63), hardened layer depth, work roll diameter D≤200mm is 3~5mm, D>200mm is 6~10mm, the roughness is 0.8μm, and the dimensional tolerance reaches h6.

5. Work roll process: blanking → forging → normalizing after forging → rough turning → quenching and tempering → finishing turning → surface quenching → fine grinding to surface tolerance h6, surface roughness Ra0.8μm

6. After the initial and finishing processing, the work roll shall be inspected twice, and the material inspection report, heat treatment inspection report, and flaw inspection report shall be provided.

7. The working stroke of the upper work roll adopts an electronic digital display (display accuracy is ±0.1mm).

The Advantages Of 17 Rolls Levelling Machine

Optimal rational design

Use a large number of advanced manufacturing technologies to carry out SOLIDWORKS full three-dimensional digital design, etc.;

Intelligent control method: PLC+touch screen+button, all working parameters can be set in the man-machine interface, with parameter memory, storage, power-off memory functions.

Human machine interconnection

The control system of the roller levelling machine has the functions of storing, recalling, editing process and equipment parameters. When using, the roller levelling machine can set the inlet and outlet reductions according to the parameters such as plate thickness, plate width, material strength, etc., and realize automatic adjustment.

Automatic adjustment device for the opening of the leveler.

Before the plate enters the leveling machine, the plate thickness, width, and material are measured by scanning the plate information processing unit, and the signal is transmitted to the electrical control cabinet. The opening amount calculation is automatically performed, and the opening amount of the roller levelling machine is adjusted. The value is confirmed after correction. Make adjustments again.

Accurate processing performance can ensure stable and high-quality leveling effect.

The Application Of 17 Rolls Levelling Machine

The Application Of 17 Rolls Levelling Machine

The roller levelling machine widely used in industry. EZHONG roller levelling machine has advanced technology, high leveling accuracy, wide process range, high degree of automation, and good working reliability under high strength. The application range involves aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, and instrumentation. Stainless steel products, etc., play an important role in the verticality, parallelism and appearance of industrial structural parts.

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