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Plate Rolling Machine For Tank

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The upper rollers of the machine can be moved vertically and horizontally. The vertical lifting is the hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acts on the piston rod to obtain horizontal movement. Torque is transmitted through the turbine rod box, the turbine scroll, and the screw nut mechanism to drive the upper roller. The horizontal movement of the roller, the lower roller only rotates to provide torque for the hydraulic bending machine, the lower roller is equipped with an adjustable idler roller, the upper roller is in the shape of a drum, which improves the straightness of the product. It is suitable for the rolling of tanks of various cross-sectional shapes of trailers. EZHONG is one of the leading hydraulic bending machine manufacturers in China, we have high quality hydraulic bending machine for sale at reasonable prices.

The Specification Of Tank Roller Plate Bending Machine

Modlerolling thickness (mm)Plate width ( mm)Diameter of upper roller ( mm )Main motor power ( kw )

The Details Of EZHONG Tank Roller Plate Bending Machine

- Automatic compensation of deflection: When the hydraulic roll bender is working, the deformation of the lower roller and the beam can be detected by the laser displacement sensor on the reference frame and fed back to the electronic control system. The electronic control system controls the compensation device between the beam and the work roll. Online compensation for work roll deformation, so that the detained workpiece can achieve perfect straightness in the full-length range.

- Upper roll anti-vibration system: Since the work roll surface of this hydraulic bending machine is 12m-22m long, it will deform due to insufficient rigidity and bounce and vibrate during the rapid rise and fall. In order to solve the problem of upper roller vibration, we designed a unique upper roller anti-vibration system.

- High efficiency and low energy consumption design: In order to reduce energy consumption, the door-shaped frame of the equipment is used as a stressed component, and an integrated fuel tank is designed on the top of the frame oil cylinder. The fuel tank can not only store oil but also increase the thickness of the upper beam of the frame and improve the deformation of the frame. Another advantage of placing the fuel tank on the top of the cylinder is that it can rely on the weight of the cross beam and the upper roller to drop to open the filling valve to achieve rapid filling. The descending speed reaches 3000mm/min, which effectively improves the efficiency of the equipment and reduces the energy consumption of the hydraulic system.

- One machine with multiple functions: the two lower rollers of the metal fabrication equipment are directly connected with the drive system, and the lower roller can be driven to continuously roll the steel plate in an arc, cone, or other inner curved surfaces: the hull groove can be folded after being equipped with a mold. Shaped plate and IV-shaped plate or leveling the steel plate.

Notes For Using The Tank Roller Plate Bending Machine

1. Check whether the steel plate bending machine and the connecting screws are loose and normal.

2. When operating, pick up the falling materials at the furnace joint of the three-roller bending machine in time.

3. Check whether the hydraulic roll bender for tank is off-track and whether the joint connection is intact. Adjust and repair in time.

4. The fire has not been completely extinguished at night, so someone needs to be on duty to prevent the fire from burning and damaging the equipment.

5. Mechanics should add butter and oil to each component in time, check whether the hydraulic bending machine for tank has abnormal movement on time, deal with it in time, check whether each component is missing in time, and make up for any missing.

The Advantages Of Plate Rolling Machine For Tank

The roller adopts high-strength and long-life solid bearing roller with long service life and small deformation.

The transmission gear is made of forged high-carbon steel with high hardness and strong wear resistance.

The whole hydraulic bending machine adopts integral steel plate welding, which is thick and beautiful, and has good stability.

Overload protection, three sets of digital output, visually display the position of the work roll.

Simple operation, independent mobile console, single person can work independently, high efficiency.

The Application Of Plate Rolling Machine For Tank

The Application Of Plate Rolling Machine For Tank

The hydraulic roll bender for tank is widely used in the rolling of tanks of various cross-sectional shapes of trailers & manufacturing industries. The hydraulic roll bender for tank can rapid prototyping, high-precision coil, without auxiliary equipment, less investment.

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