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Plate Bending Machine

The plate bending machine is forging equipment used to bend metal plates. It is dedicated to the forming and bending work of metal plates. This roll plate bending machine can pre-bend and roll various cylindrical and arc-shaped parts with the help of auxiliary equipment. Rolling of cone-shaped cylinders can be carried out. It is one of the key metal fabrication equipment in the boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical, metal structure, cement machinery, chemical machinery, machinery manufacturing, and maintenance departments. EZHONG has high quality metal plate bending/rolling machine for sale.

EZHONG as one of the leading plate bending machine manufacturers in China has accumulated rich experience in manufacturing heavy-duty three-roller bending machines, full hydraulic three-roller bending machine, CNC 4 roller bending machine, and other bending roller machines; China's largest bending machine EZW11X-300*3500 hydraulic three-roller bending machine is manufactured by EZHONG. The maximum pressing force of the CNC plate bending machine is 7800T, which is second to the 3 roll bending machine with a pressing force of 8000T from Switzerland HAEUSLER. And EZHONG also provides low-cost and high-quality used plate rolling machine and second hand plate bending machine. Looking for reliable plate bending machine suppliers? EZHONG will not let you down.

Plate Bending Machine For Sale

Plate Bending Machine Working Principle

Plate Bending Machine Working Principle

The purpose of the plate bending machine is to bend the plates with different characteristics according to the production capacity.

The production process of the plate bending machine in EZHONG is to operate the machine from the control panel (equipped with all control equipment and indicator lights) under the control of the operator.

The working cycle controlled by PLC (option) is adjusted by limit switches, position sensors and other display sensors. These adjustments ensure the accuracy of the work and eliminate the possibility of program errors. Through the interface on the control panel, several manual operations can be concentrated into simple guided actions.

The variable center distance hydraulic horizontal 3 roller pipe bending machine is a machine with medium/large thickness plate pre-bending and rolling products of different shapes.

This model is different from the traditional model, because each of its lower plate rollers can move independently horizontally to produce any desired pitch, and the upper plate rollers with motors can move vertically.

The possibility of increasing the distance between the lower plate rollers determines that the same force and power as multiple pre-bending machines can be used in only one machine. The controlled horizontal movement of the lower roll makes the pre-bending operation very easy. The reduction of the center distance of the lower steel plate rollers can better drag the steel plate, which facilitates the subsequent bending of products with smaller diameters and thickness, and facilitates the measurement of the curved plate that must be welded.

Increasing the center distance of the lower steel plate rollers makes it easier to bend thick plates and increases the rounding ability.

Due to the upper profiled roller operating system, the plate roll bending machine can be used as a traditional press to perform pressing and measure the finished product.

In the same way, very thick cone plates and curved plates can also be produced through different pressing operations.

How to choose the right bending plate machine system?

How to choose the right bending plate machine system?

Choosing the right plate roll bending machine will help you to handle your business easily:

First of all, the system of the plate bending press that plate bending machine suppliers provide must be practical and easy to use. The current CNC plate rolling/bending machine is easy to produce. If the system is complex, it will waste time.

The system of the plate rolling/bending machine must be stable. If something happens to the metal fabrication equipment, a big problem will occur after a few days, so how to choose a stable system? You need to check the product history and customer evaluation, and also need to see the production experience of the plate rolling machine manufacturers/suppliers if there are technical elites.

The material and processing technology of work plate rolls require quenching and tempering to increase the surface hardness; structural parts need to eliminate stress, and high-precision processing equipment can ensure assembly accuracy; bearings are also crucial.

The maximum working capacity of the three-roller metal plate bending machine depends on the four main parameters of the maximum coil thickness (pre-bending thickness), the maximum coil width, the coil material, and the minimum diameter of the coil in the largest specification. These four-parameter variables influence each other in work. The conversion relationship between the plate bending rolling machine, that is, the conversion relationship of the machine's working capacity, is provided to the user in the random manual so that the user can use and select the roll plate bending machine more reasonably.

How do you use a plate roll bending machine?

How do you use a plate roll bending machine?

Sheet bending roller machine operation: standard use process.

This machine is a three-roller plate bending machine with pre-bending and variable center distance. This model is different from the traditional model. Because the two lower steel plate rollers can move horizontally at the same time or completely independently, adjust the pitch between the steel plate rollers; the upper plate rollers can move up and down. Due to the above characteristics, the bending roll machine and campus capabilities have been greatly improved, and the coiling thickness has also been greatly increased.

Since the two lower steel plate rollers can obtain the same force and processing capacity, increasing the distance between the two lower plate rollers can greatly improve the board rolling of metal plate bending machines and campus capabilities.

The shortening of the distance between the lower steel plate rollers can make it easier to drag the steel plate, and it can form better when rolling small diameter and thick steel plates and is helpful for the measurement of the welded cylinder. Increasing the distance between the lower steel plate rollers makes it easier to roll thick steel plates.

When the lower steel plate roller moves horizontally, the left and right cylinders of the upper plate rollers cannot be pressurized. Before all the lower steel plate rollers move horizontally, it must be ensured that the upper roller is raised to an appropriate height on the line before the lower roller can move; otherwise, the lower plate roller must not move horizontally. 

The reverse movement of the upper and lower steel plate rollers should be braked first and then reverse operation.

The rebound is more pronounced during cold rolling, and a certain amount of overwinding must be applied. After the required amount of overwinding is reached, it should be rolled back down to this curvature several times. High-strength steel has a large rebound. In order to reduce the rebound, it is best to perform an annealing treatment before the final forming.

After the steel plate bending machine workpiece is rolled, the upper steel plate roller should be raised to more than 300mm on the line and the upper steel plate roller is in a horizontal state before unloading the workpiece.

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