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4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

EZHONG CNC 4 roller bending machine has the function of pre-bending the end of the sheet. This kind of heavy rolling machine has four work rolls. The work roll is one of the most important components of the 4 roller plate rolling machine. The quality and performance of the work roll directly affect the service life and rolling accuracy of the 4 roller plate rolling machine. Therefore, the selection and processing of the work roll have always been the most important part of the company.

Material: 42CrMo alloy steel, quenching and tempering treatment makes the work roll strength reach HB241-260, comprehensive mechanical properties, high strength, strong wear resistance, suitable for high-load work, long service life. The lifting displacement is controlled by sensors and PLC, automatically leveled, and displayed on the screen.

4 roller plate rolling machine for sale at ezhong group with jaw weights of 20x2000mm, 60x4200mm, and 80x3000mm are widely welcomed by customers. With a high technical level, complete functions, high precision, and convenient operation, a 4 roll plate bending machine is an ideal model for rolling round, arc, cone, and special-shaped workpieces.

Types Of 4 Roller Plate Bending Machine For Sale

4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine Working Principle


Very durable spherical roller bearings are used on each roller of 4 roll plate bending machines.


The roll plate bending machine adopts the brand's spherical roller bearing on each roller so that it can well offset the pressure caused by the deviation of the shaft during the rotation of the roller.

Since each roller can move freely and flexibly, the risk of scratches and cracks on the roller is avoided.


The adjustable center bearing's internal design allows it to withstand the deflection and tilt of the roller rod. Foldable activity prevents the reverse force from damaging the 4 roll plate roller when it is fixing the external force.


Advantage of this bearing: the 4 roller plate rolling machine for sale can move smoothly and safely along the tilt table of the roller shaft and return to its original position finally no matter where the shaft has deviated. The relative requirements of the conical coil are much more demanding because it requires the 4 roll plate roller shaft to be able to tilt, the load on the roller shaft is not well balanced. 


The sheet metal forming machine puts a lot of pressure on the bearing, and use of an adjustable center bearing can make this load enter the "axial" mode, which effectively control the influence of folding and can rotate on its own smoothly and safely.


Solution: Use two adjustable bearings on each roller shaft, so that our clients can enjoy the benefits of "permanent lubrication technology". And the bearings do not need to be frequently lubricated during the entire working life of the 4 roll plate roller. 

Advantage of EZHONG 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

Advantage of EZHONG 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

The control system of 4 roller plate rolling machine adopts the PLC programmable controller of an internationally renowned company. The system has parameter settings, data editing, good alarms, power-off memory, man-machine interface, status display, real-time calculation, file storage, debugging mode, manual mode, program control mode, file editing, fault self-diagnosis, the intelligent judgment of operating errors, and other protection functions; Also our plate roller machine for sale has advantages of strong anti-interference ability, long working life, earthquake resistance, and stable operation, etc.

The hydraulic system of EZHONG 4 roll plate bending machine design ensures the cleanliness of the system with oil suction and returns oil filters. An air filter ensures the normal breathing of the fuel tank and the evaporation of water. The system has dual safety protection devices which ensure the 4 roller plate rolling machine's safe use. Also equipped with a centralized refueling device.

The tipping frame of the 4 roll plate bending machine is equipped with a tipping cylinder, the tipping head can be tipped and upright which is convenient for the workpiece to pick up. The turning and resetting of the turning bearing body are equipped with an interlocking device. The movement can be resumed after the bearing body is reset, which plays a role in safety protection.

The 4 roll plate roller adopts an integral base, which is strong in rigidity, easy to hoist and install. The frame and base are welded and processed with annealing aging treatment which eliminate internal stress and improve the bending machine precision. The whole machine structure of the 4 roll plate bending machine is composed of building blocks, which is beautiful in shape and more convenient for maintenance.

The Application Of 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine


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