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EZHONG is the first to apply "servo direct drive" technology to the professional production enterprise on screw press machine, which has nearly 70 years experience in research and development of forging equipment.

It can complete forging processes such as die forging, edge trimming and straightening. With characteristics of zero transmission and maintenance, greatly improves efficiency and energy utilization of system, to meet high quality requirements of clients!

The Specification Of EZHONG Screw Press Machine

Servo Direct Drive Scre PressJ58SZ-160J58SZ-250J58SZ-315J58SZ-400J58SZ-630J58SZ-1000
Nominal Press Force(kN)1600250031504000630010000160002500040000
Allowable Load(kN)25004000500063001000016000250004000060000
Gross Energy(kJ)571015152020304060801101602002803505007001000
Stroke Max(mm)300320380400450500600700750
Stroke Tate Max31262623201816141211
Distance Tablc/Ram(mm)49549554556569572593510501460
Mininun Die Height(mm)3803804304505405507408001160
Buffer Plate Thickness(mm)115115115115155175195250300
Table Size(mm)Left and Righ(W)600600700750820920100012001600
Front and Bac(L)5605606407309001050128014002000
Bottom Size of Slider(mm)Left and Righ(W)51051061057071085096011601560
Front and Bac(L)5405406207008701020128014002000
Machine Overall Size(mm)Left and Righ(W)120012001500168019802300230030003700
Front and Bac(L)100010001100116014001600200024002500

The Details Of EZHONG Screw Press Machine

1. Servo direct drive screw press uses a permanent magnet synchronous servo direct drive motor to directly drive screw, and the rotary motion of screw is converted into reciprocating linear motion of nut and slider.

2. With zero-transmission characteristics from motor to flywheel energy storage, transmission efficiency is improved, life of the gear or the belt is avoided, low failure and maintenance rate.

3. Simple structure, high energy control accuracy of closed-loop system.

4. All of discharging of products all use the automatic oil cylinder driver, suitable for line production.

5. Equipped with powerful system, easy to operate.

Notes For Using EZHONG Screw Press Machine

1. Start the hydraulic pump, check whether the hydraulic pump works well, and whether the sealing parts and pipelines are blocked or leaked.

2. Check whether the function of limit switch is good, and whether positioning of bumper is normal.

3. Pay attention to whether the temperature rise of each moving part and sound are normal at any time.

The Advantages Of Screw Press Machine

Torque is transmitted directly to the screw without intermediate transmission parts, wearing parts and energy loss.

The transmission efficiency is increased by more than 20%, which is more energy-saving and efficient.

Transmission gear is made of forged high-carbon steel, which has high hardness and strong wear resistance.

Whole machine adopts integral steel plate welding, which is thick and beautiful, and has good stability.

Energy saving and motion noise are greatly reduced, enhancing the user's high-quality experience.

ISO 9001:2008/CE standard and quality management system certification.

The Application Of EZHONG Screw Press Machine

The Application Of EZHONG Screw Press Machine

EZHONG screw press machine is suitable for mechanical parts forging, also widely used in automobiles, nominal machinery, railway vehicles, aerospace, plastic forming of metal materials, metallurgy, tools and refractory industries etc.

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