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How To Extend The Service Life Of Steel Plate Leveling Machine?

When the plate is flattened, there are always multiple deformations. When the second roller is deformed for the first time, it should be ensured that 60% of the plate thickness is in a plastic deformation state, and the deformation of the subsequent rollers gradually decreases until the elastic deformation (the deformation is zero).

Features of plate leveling machine

According to the characteristics of the maximum load, the selected work roll has a large roll distance and roll diameter, and the rigidity of the machine is good and the leveling accuracy is guaranteed. Take into account the maximum and minimum plate thickness leveling. The work roll journals of the leveling machine all adopt precise rolling mill special bearings, the friction resistance of the work roll is small, the non-slip condition is greatly improved, and the thinner steel plate can be straightened. EZHONG Hubei Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd roller-making device adopts the technology of the German SMS company, with a large roll diameter to roll pitch ratio, which improves the strength of the work roll, reduces the blind correction zone, and improves the leveling accuracy of the workpiece. The roller journals of the leveling machine all adopt the special rolling bearing for the new rolling mill, and its service life is 5 to 10 years. The selection and structural design and manufacturing of the work roll bearing coupling parts should ensure reliability and durability, and fully consider the axial and radial load and deformation of the work roll. Compared with sliding bearings, it has high transmission efficiency, double reduction of motor power, energy-saving, long service life, a small overturning moment of the frame, and low friction resistance. With the sub-roller drive, it can effectively improve the slip of the workpiece, bend thinner steel plates, and improve the leveling accuracy. The adjustment and positioning of the gap and angle of the upper and lower work rolls are accurate and efficient, and the guiding mechanism has good precision and high stability.

How To Extend The Service Life Of Steel Plate Leveling Machine?

The production process of the plate leveling machine work roll

The material of the work roll of the plate leveling machine is 60CrMoV. According to the standard requirements of "JB/T3164-2007 Roller Plate Leveling Machine Technical Conditions", the quenching and tempering treatment is HBW286~321, the surface quenching hardness is HS85-95 (HRC56-63), and the depth of the hardened layer is D≤200mm. The diameter of the work roll is 3~ 5mm, D>200mm is 6-10mm, the roughness is 0.8μm, and the dimensional tolerance reaches h6.

Work roll process of plate leveling machine: blanking → forging → normalizing after forging → rough turning → quenching and tempering → finishing turning → surface hardening → fine grinding to surface tolerance h6 and surface roughness Ra0.8μm

After the initial and finishing processing, the work roll of the metal fabrication equipment shall be inspected twice, and the material inspection report, heat treatment inspection report, and flaw inspection report shall be provided.

The working stroke of the work roll on the plate leveling machine adopts an electronic digital display (display accuracy is ±0.1mm).


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