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What Knowledge Do You Need to Know Before Buying a Plate Rolling Machine?

Clarify the function and working principle of the plate rolling machine.

The plate rolling machine is a commonly used forging machine that can roll non-metallic sheets into cone, spherical, cylindrical or other shapes. This performance is widely used in manufacturing, boiler steam, chemical industry, non-metallic structures and machine making.

The roller movement of the four-roll plate rolling machine and three-roll plate rolling machine are different, but the working principle is the same. They both use the principle of three-point fixed circles to roll different radii. The upper roller position remains fixed, and the lower roller moves upward to clamp the steel plate. The two side rollers move toward the upper roller in a straight line or curve to adjust the curvature radius of the rolled cylinder.

Familiarize yourself with the operating procedures of the plate rolling machine.

  • The plate rolling machine must have a dedicated person in charge of management.

  • The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance, and use of the plate rolling machine. 

  • After obtaining the approval of the person in charge of management, operation can be performed.

  • Before starting the rolling machine, carefully check if the safety devices are intact.

  • During operation, it is strictly forbidden to place hands or feet on the rolling shafts, transmission components, and workpieces.

  • When the rolling machine is interrupted, the clutch should be disengaged.

  • For multiple operators working together, there must be a designated person in charge.

  • It is strictly forbidden to overload the rolling machine.

  • The tilting reset of the lifting and flipping bearings of the upper roller and the balance of the upper roller must be performed after the main transmission is stopped.

  • The work site prohibits the disorderly stacking of workpieces and debris, and keeps the machine tools and site clean at all times.

  • When the job is completed, the power supply should be cut off and the power box should be locked.

Understand the differences between different types of plate rolling machines.

Symmetric three-roll rolling machines have one upper roll and two lower rolls, which are symmetrical; asymmetric three-roll rolling machines have two rolls on one side and one on the other, which are asymmetric. The four-roll rolling machine has two rolls on the top and bottom.

The four-roll rolling machine is suitable for bending and forming of metal sheets, can roll circular, arc, and conical workpieces within a certain range, and has pre-bending function at the end of the sheet with a small remaining straight edge and high working efficiency. Rough leveling of metal sheets can also be performed on this machine.

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