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How is the Rolling Machine Disassembled?

Ⅰ. Structural characteristics of the plate rolling machine

The plate bending machine belongs to the bending correction machine in the eight categories of forging machinery. Its development has gone through the development process from mechanical to hydraulic, and then to numerical control. The automatic feeding equipment of the metal plate bending machine is mainly composed of a plate trolley, an actuator, a plate transmission mechanism and an auxiliary mechanism. Sheet trolleys are used to place sheets to be rolled. The main function of the actuator is to transport the sheet to be rolled on the sheet trolley to the feeding platform. The transport operation of the sheet is mainly applied to the Cartesian coordinate manipulator and the vacuum suction cup pick-up device. In industrial automation systems, it is often necessary to pick up and transport workpieces, and vacuum suction cups are widely used as suction cup manipulators.

Ⅱ. Disassembly of the rolling machine

When the plate rolling machine is used, it is mainly a machine tool for bending the plate, so in fact, it is a very important mechanical equipment in many processing equipment, and the plate can be formed and corrected when bending. If it is used, how is the plate rolling machine disassembled?

1. When dismantling and washing, all parts that can be disassembled must be disassembled, such as vertical brackets or side brackets, pushers, platens and other parts that need to be disassembled;

2. When hoisting, different from the profile bending machine, it is necessary to use a hoisting tool machine with qualified certification, and the hoisting capacity of the hoisting machine is required to be greater than the weight of the object to be lifted;

3. Then put the sling between the rollers to avoid other places. In this position, we need to pay attention not to hang the sling on the lower pressure roller, because this will also cause serious damage to the parts of the plate bending machine. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to use the roller lifting machine;

4. In order to ensure stability at the end of the yoke during disassembly, it must be plugged with a suitable fixture or placed on the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder with a lock;

5. Like some small equipment from leveling machine manufacturers, there are generally hanging points on its base, so you can choose to use two slings to tie it to the pressure roller, but you also need to pay attention to the gap between the two slings The opening must not be too large, to avoid sudden movement and falling off during lifting;

6. Equipment such as some large and medium-sized machines generally have four hooks for lifting at the base position, so they can be lifted directly with a four-arm spreader; when disassembling the plate rolling machine The small parts involved in the installation must be prepared to ensure that they can be restored during subsequent installations.

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