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What Are the Safety Operating Procedures for Plate Rolling Machine?

I. Learn about the plate rolling machine

The plate rolling machine is a kind of equipment that uses work rolls to bend and form sheet materials. It can form parts of different shapes such as cylindrical parts and conical parts. It is a very important processing equipment. The working principle of the plate rolling machine is to make the work roll move through the action of hydraulic pressure, mechanical force and other external forces, so that the plate can be bent or rolled into shape. According to the rotational movement and position changes of work rolls of different shapes, elliptical parts, arc parts, cylindrical parts and other parts can be processed.

Due to the different fields of use, the types of plate rolling machines are also different. According to the number of rolls, it is divided into three-roller and 4 roller plate rolling machine. The three-roller is divided into a symmetrical three-roller plate rolling machine, a horizontal-down three-roll plate rolling machine, an arc-down-type plate rolling machine, an upper-roll universal three-roll plate rolling machine, and a hydraulic CNC plate rolling machine. From the transmission, it is divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type. In terms of the development of the plate rolling machine, the upper roll universal type is the most backward, the horizontal downward type is slightly advanced, and the arc downward type is the most advanced.

II. Safety operation rules for plate rolling machine

Preparation before starting the plate rolling machine:

1. Check whether there is any abnormality in each part of the plate rolling machine, and the fastening screws (caps) must not be loose. The brake should be normal and reliable.

2. Strictly adjust the reel distance according to the thickness of the plate, and do not overload the work. Workpieces that exceed the specified range of mechanical properties cannot be crimped.

Matters needing attention in the operation of the cnc plate rolling machine:

1. The plate bending machine must be placed in a stable position after the workpiece is placed in the correct position before it can be started and operated, and the signal should be clear and a person should be designated to command.

2. Hands should not be placed on the rolled steel plate, and the sample plate is not allowed to be used for inspection. After the rolling machine is stopped, the sample plate is allowed to be used to check the roundness.

3. When the rolling pressure is not enough for a full-circle workpiece, when rolling to the end of the steel plate, a certain margin should be reserved to prevent the workpiece from falling and hurting people.

4. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the workpiece, and it is not allowed to find the roundness on the rolled cylinder.

5. When rolling a thick cylinder with a large diameter or a workpiece with a high material strength, the moving roll should be lowered a little and rolled for several times.

6. When rolling a narrow cylinder, it should be rolled in the middle of the roll.

7. After the workpiece enters the roll, you should prevent hands and clothes from being involved in the roll.

Notes on stopping ezhong group plate rolling machine:

1. If abnormal noise is found in the operation of the plate rolling machine, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, adjustment and repair.

2. Turn off the switch and cut off the power.

3. Place the workpiece in the designated place after stopping.

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