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Benefits of Using a 4-Roll Plate Bending Machine

Plate rolling machine is a device that uses working rolls to bend sheet metal into various shapes, such as cylindrical and conical parts. It is an important processing equipment. The working principle of the plate rolling machine is to use external forces such as hydraulic pressure and mechanical force to make the working rolls move, thus bending and forming the sheet metal. By changing the rotation and position of the working rolls, parts such as ellipses, arcs, and cylinders can be processed.

Introducing 4-roller plate rolling machine

4-roller plate rolling machine consists of four rollers. The upper roller is the main drive and stays fixed in position, while the lower roller is driven up and down by hydraulic cylinders on both ends. When the lower roller rises, it can clamp the sheet head with the upper roller and the distance between the side rollers and the upper roller can be adjusted as needed to bend the ends of the sheet. Then when the lower roller descends, the side rollers rise and the sheet metal bends into a cylindrical shape. The outstanding advantage of the 4-roller plate rolling machine is that it can pre-bend the edges of the metal sheet, resulting in a small remaining straight edge, without requiring additional equipment such as a press to pre-bend. It has good adaptability, high work efficiency, not only improving the quality of the workpiece, but also having simple processes and easy operation. Compared with mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission has the advantages of low noise, high work efficiency, low energy consumption, compact structure, and easy maintenance and use. It is suitable for heavy-duty rolling and high-level automation and technology.

What are the benefits of using 4-roller plate rolling machine?

The 4-roller plate rolling machine can process metal sheets into various shapes, such as cylinders, cones, and arcs. It can pre-bend and roll various specifications of cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces in one loading. With the help of auxiliary devices, it can also roll conical cylindrical parts. The feeding, pre-bending, and rolling of the 4-roller plate rolling machine are completed in one process with a remaining straight edge of ≤1.5 times the plate thickness and high rolling accuracy. This machine can perform symmetrical or asymmetrical bending according to the adjustment of the position of the side rollers on both sides, so it can roll into an ideal cylindrical body at one time without using a press to pre-bend the edges of the sheet. The pre-bending is achieved by raising the lower roller and tilting the side rollers to clamp and pre-bend the end of the sheet. The movement of the lower roller and side rollers is controlled by an intelligent PLC programmable controller, with automatic leveling and digital display on the screen and synchronous accuracy of ±0.15㎜. The lower roller and side rollers can tilt on one end and move up and down in the tilted state. Both upper and lower rollers are main drives, and the friction between the sheet and the rollers provides the torque for rolling.

Compared with symmetrical three-roller plate rolling machines, the 4-roller plate rolling machine can directly pre-bend the edges of the sheet metal without the need for other equipment or molds and has a smaller remaining straight edge. Compared with asymmetrical three-roller plate rolling machines, it can roll into workpieces without turning the sheet around. This not only improves efficiency and ensures workpiece quality, but also simplifies the process and reduces labor intensity.

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