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Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Bending Machines

What are the factors that can cause errors in bending machines?

Bending machines are widely used in aviation, precision instrument, shipbuilding, and CNC industries due to their high precision and ease of operation. However, although bending machines have high accuracy, errors can occur during operation due to improper operation or equipment failure. Once the bending machine has an error, it is necessary to detect and eliminate the problem in a timely manner. What are the reasons for errors in bending machines and how to solve them?

First, check whether the mold of the bending machine is damaged. If the mold is worn, the operation of the bending machine will definitely be affected. Simply repairing the mold can solve the problem. Second, if it is found through inspection that the mold is not the problem, the parallelism between the slide and the worktable should be checked, and if there is deviation, it should be readjusted. Finally, after the above two steps, if there is still an error, check the hydraulic system of the equipment and see if the pressure oil enters the left and right cylinders uniformly. If not, adjust it by yourself.

In short, errors are inevitable during the use of bending machines, but there is no need to panic. Finding the problem and making targeted adjustments or treatments can solve the problem. If it still doesn't work, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer's after-sales service. Professional staff can better solve the problem for you.

What should be paid attention to when operating a bending machine?

  • When operating the bending machine, it is necessary to check the consistency and firmness of the upper and lower membranes, and check whether each positioning device meets the processing requirements.

  • When all the upper sliding plates and each positioning axis are in the original state, we must run the program and ensure that it returns to the origin during the operation.

  • After the equipment is started, the sliding plate should idle for about two minutes to form two to three movements. If any abnormal sound or fault is found, it must be stopped immediately and the fault must be eliminated to ensure everything is normal. Only in this way can normal work be carried out.

  • One person should be in charge of commanding, and the operator and pressure person should cooperate closely to ensure that the current personnel issue the bending signal at a safe position.

  • In actual work, the power supply of the bending machine must be cut off before working in order to adjust various sheet materials.

  • Check the consistency between the upper and lower molds of the bending machine and whether the instructions of the pressure gauge comply with the regulations.

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