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Maintenance of Winter Plate Rolling Machine

Understanding the plate rolling machine

The plate rolling machine is a universal device used to bend metal sheets into cylindrical, arc-shaped, or other shaped workpieces. By utilizing the principle of three points forming a circle, the machine uses the relative position changes and rotational movements of the workpiece to produce continuous plastic deformation of the sheet and achieve the predetermined shape of the workpiece. Almost all steel formed into a cylindrical shape is made using a  plate rolling machine. Currently, the three-roll plate bending machine is widely used. By utilizing the principle of three-roll bending, the machine can bend the sheet into circular, conical or arc-shaped workpieces. It is generally more difficult to minimize the residual straight edge of the symmetrical three-roll plate bending machine. The top roll of the four-roll plate rolling machine is the active roll, while the bottom and side rolls are passive rolls. The top roll is in a fixed position and driven by a hydraulic motor, while the rotation of the bottom and side rolls is driven by the friction force between the steel sheet and each roll. The lifting and lowering movement of the bottom and side rolls is realized by two end cylinders. The flip and reset of the front bearing housing of the upper roll are performed by a flip cylinder. The bearing housings and cylinders of each roll are installed in the left and right end frames.

Winter maintenance and maintenance of plate rolling machine

  • Control the temperature in the plate rolling machine workshop. In winter, there is a large difference in temperature and humidity between the north and south. The temperature and humidity have an impact on the processing system and control system of the plate rolling machine. Reasonable and timely use of temperature and humidity control measures is needed to ensure that the plate rolling machine's operating environment is suitable.

  • Anti-freezing measures. Various anti-freezing oils used in the plate rolling machine need to choose the correct brand and use them in the appropriate places to avoid condensation and freezing, which may affect the normal operation of the plate rolling machine.

  • Preheating and anti-freezing when starting and stopping the plate rolling machine. In winter, after starting the plate rolling machine, please do sufficient preheating before processing to ensure good working performance and working status; for long-term shutdown during holidays or other factors, anti-freezing and warmth measures should be taken.

  • Complete fire protection equipment in winter. The northern winter climate is dry, and heating facilities such as heating and air conditioning are used, and the warming facilities in the production workshop are turned on. Check the fire protection facilities in advance to be prepared for emergencies.

  • Factory building load-bearing design. In winter, the northern region has heavy snowfall, so the roof of the factory building needs to consider the bearing capacity to avoid being crushed by snow; at the same time, the factory building design should consider the removal of snow and ice.

As the old saying goes, "Sharpening the axe does not hinder the work of cutting wood." Regular maintenance and repair of the rolling machine regulations should be implemented in place, conscientiously executed, and have a designated person responsible for checking and confirming the results. Special After-sales for Teli Machine is always your strong backing, and our customer service and maintenance personnel are always on standby for any questions about the plate rolling machine.

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