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Understanding the Plate Rolling Machine and Its Structure

Introduction to plate rolling machine

The plate rolling machine is a shaping machine that continuously bends metal sheets and has the ability to roll sheets into different shapes such as O-shape, U-shape, and multi-stage R-shape. It is necessary to determine the material, thickness, width, and minimum bending radius of the metal sheet to select the appropriate machine model. In symmetrical plate rolling machines, the upper roll moves up and down through a hydraulic cylinder in the center symmetric position between the two lower rolls, which rotate by the final stage gear of the main gear box to provide torque for rolling the metal sheet.

Structure of plate rolling machine

The specification of the plate rolling machine is used to bend the flat plastic metal sheet between the three working rolls (two lower rolls and one upper roll) and produce permanent plastic deformation by continuous bending through multiple passes (inner layer compression deformation, middle layer unchanged, outer layer stretching deformation), forming cylindrical or conical shapes as needed. This plate rolling machine is suitable for large-scale plate rolling machines with thickness over 50mm, and adds a row of fixed supporting rollers under the two lower rolls to shorten the span and improve the accuracy of rolling and the performance of the machine.

Plate rolling machines are generally of three-roll structure, directly driven by electric motors through gearboxes, adjusting the taper by setting the parallelism of the upper roll relative to the lower roll with the mold, and rolling the metal sheet by running the lower roll in forward and reverse direction driven by the main motor. Except for the electric control of the lifting and rotation of the upper roll, all other operations are manually controlled. The electrical circuit uses a contactor for forward and reverse jogging control. The three-roll plate bending machine is a dedicated machine for rolling rounds, cones, and curved arcs of metal sheets, widely used in machinery manufacturing and installation projects of thermal power, chemical, and building materials. The power of the machine depends on the size of the electric motor and the hydraulic system, which is different in the plate rolling machines of different specifications and work needs. The three-roll plate bending machine is a symmetrically adjustable upper roll with three rolls, two lower rolls fixed on the support as the driving rolls, and the upper roll as the passively adjustable roll to meet the needs of workpiece rolling process.

Every machine has its own logic and cannot be used without reason. The plate rolling machine is a universal equipment for shaping materials into arc, cone, and tube shapes, widely used in industries such as shipbuilding, hydroelectric power, and mechanical manufacturing.

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