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Reasons and Solutions for the Heating of the Plate Rolling Machine

Plate rolling machine is a universal equipment that bends metal plates into cylindrical, arc-shaped or other shaped workpieces. Using the principle of three-point form a circle, the rolling mill uses the relative position and rotational motion of the workpiece to produce continuous plastic deformation of the plate, to obtain a predetermined shape of the workpiece. Almost all steel forming into cylinder shapes are done using a rolling mill. Depending on the different shapes of working rolls and their rotational motion and position changes, the rolling mill can process elliptical parts, bent parts, cylindrical parts, and more. The rolling mill has a wide range of applications in shipbuilding, chemical, boilers, hydropower, pressure vessels, and mechanical manufacturing industries.

What are the causes and solutions to the heating problem of the palte rolling machine?

Causes of plate rolling machine: 1. High pressure regulation speeds up the speed of the rolling mill, resulting in burnt seals and side plates; 2. The rolling mill's own oil tank is too small, resulting in poor heat dissipation; 3. The internal clearance is too large or the seal is damaged.

The correct solution to fix the rolling mill heating problem: 1. Before starting the machine, please check the power supply system of the take-up machine to verify the operation of the mechanical system. Add lubricating oil according to the requirements of the lubrication chart. 2. After turning on the power supply, check the rotation direction of the large gear. Is it consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow? After confirming that it is normal, turn on the foot switch. 3. Maintenance and repair of the machine can only be carried out during downtime. Do not allow any part of the body to extend into the enclosed area of the rotating bed during operation. 4. After the operation is completed, the power should be cut off, the machine cleaned, the guide rails cleaned, and a suitable amount of lubricating oil injected into the blade. 5. When a fault is found with the equipment, stop it immediately and contact the maintenance personnel.

Daily maintenance of the plate rolling machine

Daily maintenance of the rolling mill is very important to extend its service life: 1. Add lubricating oil regularly, on time, and in fixed quantities according to the lubrication chart before turning on the machine. The oil should be clean with no sediment. 2. The lubricating oil in the motor bearings should be replaced and added regularly, and the working of the electrical parts should be inspected frequently to ensure safety and reliability. 3. Regularly check the rolling mill's V-belt, handles, knobs, and buttons to see if they are damaged. Serious wear and tear should be promptly replaced and spare parts should be reported. 4. Regularly check repair switches, fuses, handles to ensure they are working safely and reliably. 5. Non-designated personnel are strictly prohibited from operating the equipment; keep people away from the machine when it is in use.

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