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Reasons for the Popularity of Three-roller Plate Bending Machine

Rolling machine is a device that uses working rolls to bend and shape sheet metal. It is an important processing equipment. When the rolling machine is working, the sheet metal is bent or rolled into shape by external forces such as hydraulic pressure and mechanical force acting on the working rolls. Different shapes of work rolls and their rotation and positional changes can produce elliptical parts, arc parts, cylindrical parts, and other components.

Classification of three-roll plate rolling machines

Three-roll rolling machines can generally be classified into several types: 1. Symmetrical three-roll rolling machines are symmetrical in layout. The upper roll can move up and down, and the center distance of the lower roll is fixed, so there is a straight section at both ends of the sheet metal, that is, the remaining straight edge, with a length approximately equal to half of the center distance between the two lower rolls. For cylindrical parts, special equipment and molds are required for pre-bending the end of the sheet metal. 2. Non-symmetrical three-roll rolling machines. The working rolls are characterized by an asymmetric configuration. The vertical plane formed by the centerline of the lower work roll is displaced a small distance relative to the vertical plane formed by the centerline of the upper work roll, and the lower work roll can move up and down vertically.

Why is the three-roll plate rolling machine popular?

The models of three-roll rolling machines are often symmetrical, with the upper roll as the main drive and the lower roll vertically movable. At the same time, the main drive is through the meshing of the lower roll gear and upper roll gear. The reason for the popularity of three-roll rolling machines is: 1. High performance, full hydraulic drive, automatic welding; 2. Large motor power, high main motor power, high efficiency, fast delivery, suitable for a variety of types; 3. High strength, exquisite materials, stable structure, safe use, good machine performance; 4. Good safety, sturdy and durable, long service life, beautiful appearance, stable machine performance. 5. Wide applicability, suitable for machinery industries such as boilers, chemical industry, mining, construction, shipbuilding, and so on.

Using the three-roll plate rolling machine

When using the three-roll rolling machine, each machine requires a dedicated person to manage it. Operators need to understand its structural performance and usage methods before using the rolling machine, and can only operate it with the consent of the management personnel. Before starting, check whether the safety device is intact. During operation, hands and feet should not be placed on the rolling shafts and transmission components and their workpieces. After the work is interrupted, the clutch should be put in neutral. When multiple people work together, there should be a dedicated person to command. Overloading during operation is not allowed. The tilting resetting of the lifting and reversing bearing of the upper roll and the balance of the upper roll can only be performed after the main drive stops. The work site should not be cluttered with workpieces and debris, and the machine and site should always be kept clean. After using the three-roll rolling machine, turn off the power and lock the corresponding power box.

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