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Operation Notes for Three-roller Plate Rolling Machine

Introduction to three-roll plate rolling machine

Three-roll rolling machines are available in mechanical and hydraulic types. Mechanical three-roll rolling machines are divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical types. They can roll metal sheets into circular, arc, and cone-shaped workpieces within a certain range. Hydraulic three-roll rolling machines are suitable for the bending deformation of metal sheets, and can roll circular, arc, and cone-shaped workpieces within a certain range, with end pre-bending function. The two lower rolls of this machine model are active rolls that can move horizontally, and the upper roll is a passive roll that can move up and down. The way of movement is mechanical and hydraulic, and the transmission shafts are all connected by universal couplings.

What are the operation precautions of three-roll plate rolling machines?

  • When working with a rolling machine, the operator should stand on both sides of the workpiece; when checking the roundness with a template, the machine must be stopped and when rolling the workpiece to the end, a certain amount of margin should be left; people are strictly prohibited from standing on the rolled cylinder to align roundness; in addition, one should avoid human hands and clothes being rolled into the rolling mill.

  • When rolling thicker and larger diameter cylinders or workpieces with higher strength materials, the active rolling rolls should be slightly lowered, and the shaping should be repeated several times; when rolling narrower cylinders, they should be rolled in the center of the rolls.

  • When rolling with a rolling machine, slipping between the steel plate and the working roll is not allowed. When rolling, the steel plate should be placed in the middle of the working roll. When the steel plate is offset, the thickness of the steel plate should be correspondingly reduced.

  • Pay attention to the three-roll rolling machine, and do not adjust other hydraulic valves except the throttling valve without permission. When taking out the workpiece, be sure to avoid oxidation and dust falling into the bearings of the tipping crossbeam.

  • Pay attention to the three-roll rolling machine. When the steel plate is bent and presents an overlapping head, operation is prohibited. When the oil pressure of the hydraulic station is unstable or the bearing temperature exceeds 60℃, operation is prohibited.

  • When using a pad to level the steel plate of the three-roll rolling machine, the hardness of the pad should not be higher than the hardness of the working roll. It is forbidden to roll or level steel plates with protruding weld seams or cut edges.

The first three items are applicable to all models of rolling machines, while items 4, 5, and 6 focus on the precautions when using the three-roll rolling machine. When using the three-roll rolling machine, each machine needs to be managed by a dedicated person. The operator needs to understand its structural performance and usage methods before operation, and can only operate it with the approval of the manager.

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