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The Usage of Sheet Rolling Machine is Extremely Wide-spread

Understanding sheet rolling machine

A sheet rolling machine is a device that uses working rolls to bend and shape sheet metal into different shapes, such as cylindrical and conical parts. It is a very important processing equipment. The working principle of the sheet rolling machine is to use external forces such as hydraulic and mechanical forces to make the working roll move, thus bending or rolling the sheet metal into shape. Depending on the rotational movement and position changes of the different-shaped working rolls, oval-shaped parts, arc-shaped parts, cylindrical parts, and other parts can be processed. The sheet rolling machine is an important piece of equipment in industrial production, and its applications are very wide-ranging. You can learn about its scope of application in this article.

Sheet rolling machines come in different types depending on their field of use. They can be divided into three-roll and 4 roll plate bending machines. A three-roll sheet rolling machine can roll metal sheets into a circle or arc shape. Its rollers move up and down in a symmetrical position between the two lower rollers, driven by a worm gear and screw. The two lower rollers rotate, driven by an electric motor. The torque for rolling the sheet is provided by the output gear of the reducer that meshes with the lower roller gear. The end of the sheet needs to be pre-bent with other equipment. 

A 4 roll plate bending machine is suitable for bending and shaping metal sheets, and can roll cylindrical, arc-shaped, and certain conical workpieces. It also has the function of pre-bending the end of the sheet. It can roughly flatten the metal sheet with a small remaining straight edge.

Applications of 4 roll plate bending machines

A 4 roll plate bending machine is one of the most commonly used sheet rolling machines, and its function is the same as that of a regular sheet rolling machine, which is used to roll sheet metal. It is capable of rolling into different shapes, such as cones, spheres, and cylinders, making its application very wide-ranging. This machine has four rollers, and therefore the way its rollers move is different from that of a three-roll sheet rolling machine. However, their working principles are the same, both of which use the principle of three-point circle to roll the sheet metal into different radii. The upper and lower rollers move in a straight line to clamp the sheet metal, while the side rollers move in a straight or arc motion and move towards the upper roller to adjust the curvature radius of the rolled cylinder.

A 4 roll plate bending machine is used for pre-bending and rolling cylinders for pressure vessels, machinery, hydropower, construction, and other industries, as well as for circularity and flatness correction. The main drive mode for the upper roller is hydraulic motor. The rotation of the lower roller and the side rollers is driven by the friction force between the steel plate and the rollers. The lower roller, side rollers, and tipping frame are hydraulically driven. The lower roller moves up and down vertically, and the side rollers tilt to lift on an arcuate trajectory. The end of the sheet is pre-bent by clamping the steel plate on the lower roller and tilting the side rollers upwards.

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