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EZHONG Sheet Metal Forming Machine Product Series

EZHONG mainly specializes in R&D and manufacturing full hydraulic horizontal down-adjusting 3 rolls bending machine (20mm-300mm), full hydraulic 4 roll plate bending machine (20mm-200mm), high-strength steel plate leveling machine (690mpa, 1100mpa, 1400mpa), composite plate leveling machine (6mm-60mm), marine plate bending machine, profile bending machine, axle pressing machine, press and many other products.

Double drive 3 roll bending machine

The structure of the machine adopts a hydraulic cylinder one up and down, and the lower roller moves horizontally through a motor drive. The main drive adopts EZHONG patented energy-saving dual-motor drive patented technology, with a pre-bending function at the end of the sheet. The control method of this machine is NC control, the upper roll lifting is detected by displacement sensor, and the LED display can directly observe the working displacement of the upper roll of the 3 roll bending machine. This model is easy to operate. With the pre-bending function of the plate end, the metal plate can be loaded at one time, and the plate end pre-bending and the roll forming of the workpiece can be completed without turning the head.

Full hydraulic 3 roll bending machine

Three-roller full hydraulic drive: Each independent drive roller is directly connected with a hydraulic motor, and the torque can directly drive the plate to avoid power loss. Through the proportional control valve and the digital electric control system, the steel plate rolling speed can be steplessly adjusted.

Built-in pressure cylinder: The pressure cylinder is built into the bed. It solves the problem of piston rod strain caused by the accumulation of oxide scale on the workpiece during the rolling process caused by the exposed piston rod of the lower pressure cylinder.

Reinforced cone-rolling: A cone-shaped small-mouth reduction device is installed on the side of the openable and closeable bearing seat of the upper and lower work rolls of the cnc plate rolling machine.

Hydraulic pre-pressure relief system: Through the unique hydraulic system design and working pressure detection, combined with the electronic control system design, the equipment can be smoothly unloaded under high pressure, avoiding the bouncing movement of the workpiece and the "water hammer" phenomenon generated by the hydraulic system Impact on the pipeline.

Friendly man-machine interface: The hydraulic system and the working pressure of each cylinder, the working state of the motor, and the displacement of the displacement sensor are displayed on the display in the form of instrument controls.

EZHONG Sheet Metal Forming Machine Product Series

Wind tower full hydraulic 3 roll bending machine

EZHONG wind tower full hydraulic 3 roll bending machine is the benchmark of work efficiency. It adopts a structure with a lower cylinder. The three work rolls of this machine are all the main driving rolls: the upper roll is driven by a hydraulic motor (one motor) through a planetary reducer to drive the upper roll, and the two lower rolls are respectively driven by a hydraulic motor planetary reducer to drive the lower roll to revolve. Equipped with a safety interlocking device to make the operation safer. The machine has simple operation and high rolling precision, which is practical large-scale rolling equipment.

3 roll bending machine optional configuration

• CNC control system

• Suitable for large diameter top support

• Suitable for large diameter hydraulic side supports

Automatic 4 roll plate bending machine

The upper roller of the 4 roll plate bending machine is the main driving roller, and the main drive is composed of a hydraulic motor and planetary reducer. The forward and backward movement of the plate is realized by the motor forward and reverse, and the torque is mainly provided for the rolled plate to provide the plate. The equipment has measures to prevent the steel plate from slipping. Each motor is equipped with an instant brake so that the roller can accurately stop rotating in the bending state, ensure the precise positioning of the plate end, prevent the steel plate from slipping off the machine and minimize the remaining straight edges. The lower and side lifts are driven by hydraulic cylinders, which can lift quickly when there is no load, and lift slowly when loaded, which is highly efficient and energy-saving.

High-strength steel plate leveling machine

The use of the patented technology of sub-roller drive eliminates the mechanical interference and negative torque phenomenon between the rollers and various problems arising therefrom, prolongs the life of the work roll, and protects the surface of the workpiece. The sub-roller drive enables the medium-thick plate to realize the linear decompression leveling method, which conforms to the steel plate leveling law and achieves the required leveling accuracy. As the amount of bending is gradually reduced, compared with the large-deformation leveling method of parallel bending, the total deformation of the material is reduced, the total leveling force and the total power consumption are reduced, and energy is saved. The plate leveling machine adopts an integral closed frame, and the ribs are arranged reasonably in the four-corner large-arc transition.

Bulletproof steel plate leveling machine

The plate leveling machine adopts the non-parallel structure of the coaxial double-drive roller row, which can be raised and lowered in parallel and can be tilted as a whole. The straightening method under linear decompression is naturally formed, which meets the requirements of the steel plate straightening process, and the safety factor of the universal coupling is greatly improved, achieving the combination of the quality of the straightening and the reliable use of the machine.

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