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How To Set The Control System And Safety Protection Of The Plate Leveling Machine?

Brand requirements for electrical control components of the plate leveling machine: Micro-relays use Omron, others use Schneider, and they are all recent products at the time of contract signing or the latest products after signing.

The electrical system of the plate leveling machine has over-voltage, over-current, overload, short-circuit, lack of equal protection functions and interlocking protection functions to prevent the machine from overloading, and has a strong anti-interference function.

Plate leveling machine safety protection

It shall be equipped with electric interlock protection and travel limit protection of each moving part. And there are emergency stop switches on the frame (four columns) and the electric cabinet, which can realize emergency stop.

The inlet and outlet sides of ezhong group plate leveling machine are required to be equipped with a set of photoelectric switches. When a certain part of the operator's body enters the machine, it can be automatically stopped immediately and cannot be started. When this function is not needed, the man-made control failure button on the console can be restored to normal when the button is released.

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