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Working Principles of the Plate Rolling Machine and Operation Precautions

Ⅰ. Working principles of the plate rolling machine

The mechanical working principle of plate rolling machine: rotating the drum through the drive driving, using friction between drum and iron plate to drive the other two drums rotation, therefore, the plate rolling machine roll the iron plate into cylindric. The thickness and diameter of the workpiece can be adjusted by changing the distance between the upper and lower rollers through two adjusting screws on the bracket. Electric working principle, using positive and reverse control circuit, the main circuit using short circuit protection and overheating protection, this device is mainly composed of six parts: motor, reducer, 3 rollers of 108 diameter, two adjusting screws and bracket.

The reducer part of the plate rolling machine adopts two stage reduction gear which worm gear, worm and spur gear work together, the base and support all adopt channel steel to be welded together, the upper rollers are connected with the bracket by adjusting screw and the lower roller is connected with the base by the roller seat, belt driving is the driving type that tighten the ring belt on the driving wheel and slave wheel. The plate rolling machine has been widely used due to its wide range of center distance changes, simple structure, smooth transmission, buffering and low manufacturing cost.

Ⅱ. What are the applications of the plate rolling machine?

There are many different kinds of plate bending machines, three-roll plate bending machine, four-roll plate bending machine, wind tower bending machine and so on. The plate rolling machine is the forging machine that is used to bend metal sheet metal, it is one of the key equipment for boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical, metal structure, cement machinery, chemical machinery, machinery manufacturing and maintenance departments. The plate rolling capacity of the plate rolling machine has been improved continually, therefore, the design requirements of the plate rolling machine is also improved continually in the projects. As the main bearing member of the load, the frame of plate rolling machine is one of the main parts of the design due to its complex stress.

Ⅲ. Precautions for operating the plate rolling machine

1. The operators must read the manual of this metal fabrication equipment carefully, according to the operation procedures to operate strictly, it is prohibited to run the machine with problems and perate unprofessionally.

2. Check the running state of the plate rolling machine regularly. Only when it meets the the operation conditions, the operators who are qualified to hold the working certificate of the plate rolling machine can operate the machine.

3. When the overturned stand is completely reset (the overturned reset indicator on the operating table is on) and the balance cylinder has risen to the highest point, it is allowed to operate the plate rolling machine upper roller lifting, lower roller positive and negative rotation and roller lifting operation.

4. No foreign matter should be stuck between the idler and the lower roller, such as welding electrode head and small steel plate, so as not to damage the idler and the lower roller, etc.

5. Remove the oxide scale on the chassis and roller device regularly, do not damage the travel switch, rotary encoder and its connecting wire when cleaning the oxide scale, check the meshing condition of rotary encoder regularly.

6. Check the tightness of the bolts of the plate rolling machine regularly and tighten them in time.

7. Lubricate all lubrication points and lubrication parts regularly.

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