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How to Solve the Problem of Bending Machine Failure

Ⅰ. About the bending machine

The bending machine includes a bracket, a workbench and a clamping plate. The workbench is placed on the bracket. The workbench is composed of a base and a pressing plate. The base is connected to the clamping plate through a hinge. The base is composed of a housing, a coil and a cover plate. In the recess of the seat shell, the top of the recess is covered with a cover plate. When in use, the wire is energized to the coil, and the gravitational force is generated on the pressing plate after being energized, so as to realize the clamping of the thin plate between the pressing plate and the base. Due to the electromagnetic clamping, the pressing plate can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements, and workpieces with side walls can be processed. It can meet the needs of various workpieces by changing its mold.

The plate bending rolling machine is to use the equipped mold (universal or special mold) to bend the cold metal sheet into various geometric cross-sectional shapes. It generally uses a special CNC system for the bending machine, and its coordinate axis has been changed from a single axis. Developed to 12-axis, the numerical control system can automatically realize the sliding depth control, the left and right tilt adjustment of the sliding block, the front and back adjustment of the back stopper, the left and right adjustment, the pressure tonnage adjustment, and the slider approaching speed adjustment. It can make it convenient to realize slide down, jog, continuous, pressure holding, return stroke and halfway stop, etc., and complete multiple bends of the same angle or different angles in one feeding.

Ⅱ. How to solve the problem of bending machine failure?

First, check whether the mold of the machine is damaged. If the mold is worn out, the work of the metal fabrication equipment will definitely be affected. As long as the mold is repaired, the problem can be solved. Secondly, if there is no problem with the mold, it is necessary to check whether the parallelism between the slider and the worktable meets the requirements, and readjust if there is a deviation. Afterwards, after the above two steps, if there is still an error, then check the hydraulic system of the equipment to see if the pressure oil enters the left and right cylinders evenly. If not, it is adjusted by yourself.

Ⅲ. Maintenance methods of efficient operation of the bending machine

1. The maintenance of ezhong bending machine is not difficult. Check the key parts of the sheet metal roll forming machines before use, such as the lubrication part, to see if the lubrication is good, if not, do it as required. Look at whether the safety protection device is abnormal, whether the circuit and grounding are normal, whether the fasteners are loose and so on.

2. During use, observe whether there is any abnormal operation of the bending machine equipment, such as unusual noise or vibration. These are all things to pay attention to. If there is any abnormality, shut down the machine.

3. After using the bending machine equipment, one shall cut off the power supply, and return all parts to their positions as required. Finally, the equipment should be cleaned.

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