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Performance and Structural Advantages of 4 Roller Plate Rolling Machine

What is a 4 roll plate bending machine?

A CNC 4 roll plate bending machine is a type of metal sheet bending and straightening machine, specially designed for metal sheet forming and bending. It can complete various specifications of cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces' pre-bending and edge rolling with one feeding. With the help of auxiliary devices, it can also roll conical cylinders and be used for rough shaping of metal sheets. The 4 roll plate bending machine can pre-bend the end of the sheet without the need for other equipment and has a smaller remaining straight edge. Compared with the asymmetrical three-roll plate bending machine, it can roll the workpiece without flipping, which not only improves efficiency and guarantees the quality of the workpiece but also has a simple process, easy operation, and reduces labor intensity for workers. The 4 roll plate bending machine is suitable for sheet metal bending and can roll circular, arc-shaped, and conical workpieces within a certain range. Furthermore, it has the function of pre-bending the end of the sheet, small remaining straight edges, high work efficiency, and can roughly level the sheet metal.

The structure of the 4 roll plate bending machine is a four-roll type. The upper roll is the main drive. The output gear of the reducer meshes with the upper roll gear to provide torque for rolling the sheet. The vertical movement of the lower roll is realized by the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston to clamp and drive the sheet. The side rolls are set on both sides of the lower roll, tilted along the gear rail, and driven by screws and internal thread worm gears. The advantage of this machine is that the pre-bending and rolling of the sheet's end can be performed on the same device.

Performance of the 4 roll plate bending machine

The superior performance of the 4 roll plate bending machine is shown as follows:

  • Fully hydraulic drive, high efficiency, and energy-saving (the driving power is equivalent to 60% of the traditional ones).

  • The mold pressure is adjustable (without slippage, productivity can be increased by 50% to 80% compared with the three-roll plate bending machine).

  • A drum of the upper roll diameter is rollable.

Structural advantages of the 4 roll plate bending machine

The 4 roll plate bending machine is an advanced, efficient, and high-precision product that reaches the international advanced level. The specific contents of the two structural advantages of the 4 roll plate bending machine are as follows:

  • It adopts a unique torque shaft synchronization structure, with high rolling speed and good roundness after rolling.

  • Both sides of the rollers use planetary swing guiding, and the track of the rollers is arc-shaped. The advantage of the arc-shaped line is that it can obtain the best pre-bending effect, shorter straight edges, and increase the roundness and accuracy of the cylinder. It can reduce the rebound effect of the roll and make the diameter of the roll much smaller (can be used for rolling cylinders with a diameter less than 1.1 times the upper roll diameter), while a linear sliding guide 4 roll plate bending machine can roll cylinders (with a diameter of 1.4 to 1.5 times the upper roll diameter).

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