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Functions and Characteristics of the 4 Roll Bending Machine

Ⅰ. The functions of the 4 roll bending machine

The 4 roll plate bending machine is a plate bending machine equipment that is wildly used, the function of 4 roll plate bending machine is the same as regular plate bending machine, which is used for plate rolling, generally the plate can be rolled into cone, multi-section arc, special-shaped parts and cylinder, etc, therefore its application is very wide. There are four rollers in this machine equipment, therefore, the motion form of the roller is different from the 3 roll plate bending machine, but the working principle of the two is the same, which both are using the principle of three-point circle to roll, in order to form different radius. The upper and lower rollers move in a straight line to clamp the plate, while the rollers on both sides move in a straight line or arc and move close to the upper roller to adjust the radius of drum curvature.

The 4 roll plate bending machine is used for manufacturing the pre-bending and rolling cylinder of pressure vessel, machinery, water and electricity, construction and other industries, it also has the function of a circle and level adjustment. The upper and lower roller double hydraulic motor is the main drive, which drives the lower roller and side roller to rotate through the friction between the steel plate and the roller to provide torque for coiling.Lower roll, side roll, flip stand hydraulic drive. Lower roll vertical lifting, side roll tilt or arc lifting. Pre-bending clamps steel plate by the lower rolling up, side roll tilt up to achieve the pre-bending at end of the plate.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of the 4 roll bending machine

1. The 4 roller plate bending machine is known as the most versatile, accurate and easy to use plate equipment.

2. The side roller at the rear of the machine tool can act as a rear stopper in the feed direction.

3. The arbitrary tilt adjustment of the side roller is very convenient to correct the misalignment and other defects of the drum.

4. The upper and lower cnc plate rolling machine clamp the steel plate,  there is no relative sliding phenomenon in the rolling process.

5. The flattened steel plate is clamped by the upper and lower rollers so that pre-bending and plate winding can be performed safely and accurately without the risk of sheet slippage.

6. Once the edge of the plate head has been pre-bent, it can be rolled into a cylinder. The plate cylinder winding can be rolled on one side of the machine, which means that the equipment occupies a smaller workshop area.

7. After pre-bending the edge of a plate head of the cylinder, it can be directly bent to the tail plate head ( the 4-roll plate bending machine can be bent in front or bent on the back). 8. Roll cone is also very convenient, the side roller tilt determines the cone angle of the barrel, the lower roller tilt clamp feeding.

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