Where is the Importance of Sealing Parts of Three-Roll Plate Bending Machine?

Three-roll bending machine is becoming more and more important in today's production activities. So why is a three-roll bending machine so important? And what are the important aspects of the sealing components of a three-roll bending machine?

Understand the three-roll bending machine

The upper roll of the three-roll bending machine can move up and down vertically, driven by hydraulic transmission with the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston rod. The lower roll rotates and provides torque for the rolling plate through gear meshing output by the reducer. The lower part of the lower roll has supporting rollers that can be adjusted. The upper roll is drum-shaped, which improves the straightness of the product and is suitable for long-length sections of various shapes of tanks.

The three important performance aspects of the sealing components of a three-roll bending machine

The sealing component is an element that plays a sealing role in the hydraulic system, which is used to prevent fluid or solid particles from leaking between adjacent joint surfaces and prevent impurities from entering the interior of the three-roll bending machine. Leakage can cause waste of working medium, pollute the machine and the environment, and even cause mechanical operation failure and equipment personnel accidents.

The reliability and service life of the sealing components in the hydraulic system of the three-roll bending machine are important indicators for measuring the quality of the hydraulic system. Except for gap sealing, all of them use sealing components to control the gap between adjacent coupling surfaces below the minimum gap that the sealed liquid can pass through. In contact sealing, it is usually divided into self-sealing compression sealing and self-sealing self-tightening sealing, also known as lip sealing.

If the sealing components in the hydraulic system of the three-roll bending machine leak, the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic system will drop sharply, and the required working pressure cannot be reached, or even cannot work. The tiny dust particles invading the system will cause or exacerbate the wear of hydraulic components, further causing leakage.

In what aspects does the error of a three-roll bending machine appear?

  • The two end faces of the workpiece are not perpendicular to the hole, the two ends of the workpiece are not parallel (when several workpieces are milled together), or the two ends of the pressure ring are not parallel.

  • The center shaft itself has errors.

  • When using top machining, the lower top is skewed or loose, and it is offset on the side with swing difference when clamped with a card ring.

  • The hole of the workpiece is larger than the diameter of the center shaft (generally should be the D/a fit).

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