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What Are the Classification and Advantages of Horizontal Hydraulic Press?

Due to the wide range of uses, powerful functions and wide application range of hydraulic presses, they are used in all walks of life. You should not blindly choose the appropriate model and model according to the actual situation. The vertical hydraulic press is usually used more, and the horizontal press machine that is used less is slowly entering our field of vision. In order to have a clear understanding when purchasing, we must first understand the classification and advantages of horizontal hydraulic presses.

I. Classification of horizontal hydraulic presses

In terms of models, there are several models of horizontal hydraulic presses ranging from 100 to 1200 tons, which need to be designed according to the size, density and output of the molded products according to their own requirements. Generally, manufacturers have such strength and experience. You only need to provide molded products. From the model, it is divided into a four-column horizontal hydraulic press and a two-column horizontal hydraulic press. It can be clearly understood from the appearance. You can check the number of columns connecting each casting to know; In terms of specific uses, it is divided into horizontal hydraulic presses for correction, loading and unloading and forming, and their specific uses are also different. Under normal circumstances, the model of the metal fabrication equipment required by the user is determined based on the combination of these three factors, and cannot be determined simply from a certain aspect. Why do users use a horizontal hydraulic press, and what are its advantages?

II. What are the advantages of horizontal hydraulic press?

1. The height of the horizontal hydraulic press is low, the transportation and hoisting are convenient, and the height of the workshop is not required. The part with a large surface area is in contact with the ground, and it can work directly on the flat ground without the need to lower the foundation.

2. The horizontal hydraulic press can solve the problem Some parts are too long and difficult to disassemble and assemble, and other types of hydraulic presses cannot guarantee their accuracy. For example, the disassembly and assembly of the locomotive axle is solved by the horizontal type, which is not only convenient for hoisting, but also can guarantee the assembly accuracy.

3. With fast action and high efficiency, it can reduce the action of pushing and pull the material and the block.

4. The manufacturing cost is low, and one cloth push-pull cylinder is reduced, and the size and weight of the original vertical base are also reduced.

5. Equipment assembly and maintenance are safe and convenient. You need to climb up and down, and you can do it on the ground.

After the above introduction to the classification and advantages of horizontal hydraulic presses from EZHONG Hubei Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd, you must have some understanding of them. In the process of purchasing, you should compare and analyze its advantages and disadvantages to choose, of course, according to your own specific situation.

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