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Maintenance and Structural Characteristics of Horizontal Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press is widely used in the motor industry. For example, the whole machine of horizontal hydraulic press adopts high quality steel plate welding, which can flexibly adjust the "V" type lifting table according to the rotor to achieve machining. The quality and efficiency are high. What are the characteristics of horizontal hydraulic press?

Ⅰ. Structural characteristics of horizontal hydraulic press

1. The whole machine of horizontal hydraulic press adopts the welding technology, so the machine is solid and durable. The unique T-shape table is more conducive to mold disassembly.

2. Operating mode: Support manual and electric operation. Pressure can be adjusted within the range of pre-selected values.

3. The hydraulic system of the horizontal hydraulic press machine is safer: The hydraulic system is hidden inside the horizontal hydraulic press and controlled by the solenoid valve.

4. The independent tank equipment makes cleaning and maintenance more convenient. The integrated system of YH32-100CW cartridge valve has less leakage, small flow resistance, fast reversing and small impact.

5. The movement speed of the mobile table can be adjusted, the moving pair of the head and the moving table interlock, and the hydraulic system and electric control system work smoothly, safely and reliably. The operation is flexible when pressing, special tools are not needed and can with help of handling tools.

Ⅱ. Maintenance of horizontal hydraulic press

The correct use of machinery and equipment, careful protection and maintenance, and strict implementation of safety operation rules are necessary to extend the service life of equipment and ensure safe production. Therefore, in addition to understanding the structure and function of the automatic pressure machine, the operator should also pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Record the main problems that have been dealt with and not dealt with in the maintenance process of horizontal hydraulic press, and use them as the material basis for the next maintenance or overhaul plan.

2. Professional personnel are required in commissioning and repair of hydraulic stations. Place the parts in a clean place when removing hydraulic components. Each sealed appearance cannot be scratched.

3. Hydraulic oil is the energy transfer medium of hydraulic station operation. The quality, cleanliness and viscosity of hydraulic oil play a leading role in the life of hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve and hydraulic cylinder, so when using hydraulic station, we should attach great importance to the quality of hydraulic oil and adhere to the cleanliness of hydraulic oil. The oil in the hydraulic system must be strictly filtered. It is necessary to install an oil filter in the hydraulic system.

4. For ezhong system with filter, the filter element should be arranged or replaced regularly (about every one month) to avoid blockage. If the oil temperature rises too fast, it will cause the rupture of hydraulic components or oil pumps.

5. The operating pressure of horizontal hydraulic press system is from the output pressure of hydraulic pump, which is adjusted by the pressure regulating valve. In general, the set pressure cannot exceed the extra pressure originally planned, otherwise it may damage the hydraulic pump, stuck the hydraulic valve, burn out the motor, etc.

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