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EZHONG: Chinese Leading Brand of the Sheet Leveler

The automatic W43CT series CNC plate leveler is suitable for 4-100mm thick metal and can be customized for different widths (400-4500mm wide) steel plates, stainless steel, copper plates, aluminum plates, and other materials. We can customize and produce products according to customers' different requirements for materials. Under the condition of large elastoplastic bending of metal materials, the metal fabrication equipment uses the "Bauschinger effect" of the material to repeatedly bend the plate to gradually reduce the bending deflection. In this way, a variety of original curvatures can be gradually changed to a single curvature, and it can be leveled to achieve the leveling accuracy required by the process.

EZHONG's sheet leveler has the characteristics of advanced technology, high leveling accuracy, wide process range, high degree of automation, and reliable and stable work under high strength in the industry. In the roll leveling process, the metal sheet undergoes a series of alternating bending, and the motor and PLC control the precise control of the pressing amount of each leveling drum to eliminate internal stress. This fundamentally solves the leveling effect caused by the different stresses in each part of the plate, thereby achieving high-precision leveling.

Compared with other leveling methods, the control system of plate straightening machines has the functions of storing, recalling, and editing process and equipment parameters, and has the function of identifying and early warning of misoperation. When in use, on the operating table, the inlet and outlet reductions can be set according to parameters such as plate thickness, plate width, material strength, or the existing parameters in the database, to realize the electric adjustment of the working rolls, the clearance, etc., and can be adjusted manually And correction.

All operations of the plate leveling machine are controlled by the console, which is simple and convenient. And there is a digital display to show the displacement. It only takes a few seconds to level the high-precision and complex hardware that usually takes a long time to level by hand. This plate leveler is the first choice for leveling equipment in vehicle manufacturing, locomotive manufacturing, construction industry, medical technology industry, chassis manufacturing, stamping, and other processing industries. It plays an important role in the verticality, parallelism, and appearance of industrial structural parts!

1. The auxiliary wheel reduces the gap between the upper and lower correction rollers to ensure higher leveling accuracy;

2. 10-inch (33.33cm) high-precision touch screen display, PLC control, visual input, editing, modification, storage of process parameters, and adjusting the descending point up and down;

3. This sheet leveler can make stampings, plates, and parts flat and almost stress-free in just a few minutes;

4. The precision leveler is the repeated bending of the metal sheet through a large number of staggered leveling rollers. The bending amount can be adjusted, which can realize the bending plan required for leveling, and it does not damage the appearance of the plate;

5. After the sheet is repeatedly bent, the length of the metal fiber gradually tends to be the same. In this way, the internal stress of the material is eliminated at the same time, and the metal sheet is naturally leveled.

6. Many users use cutting methods to achieve flatness, but this method is not efficient. Using a precision sheet leveler can save a lot of materials;

7. Because the precision sheet leveler adopts the technology of continuous and repeated bending, the leveling efficiency is doubled. Products can directly enter the continuous production line, lowering plenty of labor costs and being independent of the traditional technology of the leveling.

This kind of ezhong sheet leveler uses universal joints to transfer the joints, which have greater strength. And it has a uniform transmission force, low noise, and is more durable.

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