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A Good Way To Improve The Efficiency Of The Three-Roller Bending Machine

The plate bending machine is used to bend metal plates and cylinders. It is one of the important equipment in the R&D boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical, cement, electrical and electrical appliances, and production industries. At room temperature, it can bend steel plates up to 2 meters and up to 40 mm thick into any shape or part of cylindrical, conical, or cylindrical surfaces. Under heating conditions, it can bend steel plates with a thickness of 2 meters and 70 mm into a cylinder or a part thereof, and it can bend steel plates with a large thickness.

How to use the three-roller bending machine

In the process of using the 3 roll bending machine, we all hope to be able to use it conveniently and quickly, which requires us to master a good method. What are the methods? Let's take a look together:

1. Check whether the three-roller bending machine and the connecting screws are loose and normal.

2. When operating, pick up the falling materials at the furnace joint of the three-roller bending machine in time.

3. Check whether the three-roller bending machine is off-track and whether the joint connection is intact. Adjust and repair in time.

4. The fire has not been completely extinguished at night, so someone needs to be on duty to prevent the fire from burning and damaging the equipment.

5. The mechanic should add butter and oil to each part in time, check whether the bending plate machine has abnormal movement on time, deal with it in time if found, check whether each part is missing in time, and make up for the missing in time.

EZHONG's metal trigger products

EZHONG company mainly includes: three-roller bending machine, coiling machine, leveling machine, four-roller coiling machine, leveling machine, high-strength plate leveling machine, coiling machine, large CNC coiling machine, uncoiling and leveling shearing production line, bevel forming machine, bending machine, shearing machine. EZHONG company has now developed into a major scientific and technological project undertaking unit of China's national "CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment", a national key high-tech enterprise of the torch, and a director unit of the Forging Machine Tool Branch of the China Machine Tool Industry Association. EZHONG Hubei Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd continues to innovate on the basis of introducing, digesting, and absorbing European advanced technology, focusing on industry-university-research cooperation and has formed the characteristics of intelligence, large-scale, and energy-saving. The company continues to create excellent performance, pursues a quality culture of "precise work and excellence", and its comprehensive economic efficiency indicators rank among the best in the industry.

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