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What Are the Important Aspects of 4-roll Plate Bending Machine Lubrication?

A plate bending machine is a common forging machine that rolls a plate into a cylindrical, arc, spherical, cylindrical or other shape. This performance is widely used in manufacturing, boiler steam, chemical, non-metallic structures and machinery manufacturing.

Ⅰ. Understand the 4-roll plate bending machine

The 4-roll plate bending machine can perform symmetrical or asymmetrical bending according to the arrangement of the adjustment positions of the rollers on both sides, so the 4-roll plate bending machine can be rolled into an ideal cylinder with a small theoretical remaining straight edge at one time, which is similar to the symmetrical three-roller. Compared with the plate bending machine, there is no need to use a press to pre-bend the plate end.

It also has a pre-bending function at the end of the sheet. The remaining straight edge is small and the work efficiency is high. The pre-bending is raised by the lower rollers to clamp the end of the steel plate, and the side rollers are inclined and raised to realize the pre-bending of the end of the plate. The lifting and lowering displacement of the bottom roller and side roller of the machine is controlled by an intelligent PLC programmable controller, with automatic leveling, digital display on the screen, and a synchronization accuracy of ±0.15mm. The bottom roll and side roll of the 4-roll plate bending machine can be inclined at one end, and can rise and fall at the same time in the inclined state.

Ⅱ. Lubrication points of 4-roll rolling machine

The 4-roll plate bending machine is suitable for the bending and forming of metal plates. It can roll circular, arc and conical workpieces within a certain range, and has the function of pre-bending the end of the plate. Sheet metal can be roughly leveled on this machine.

The structure of the 4-roller plate rolling machine is a four-roller type. The upper roller is the main drive, and the output gear of the reducer meshes with the upper roller gear to provide torque for the rolled plate; the lower roller moves vertically and passes through the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic oil is obtained by acting on the piston to clamp the plate, which is a hydraulic transmission; there are side rollers on both sides of the lower roller and make a tilting motion along the rack guide rail, and are driven by a screw, a nut, a worm gear, and a worm; the advantage of this machine is that the plate is end pre-bending and rounding can be carried out on the same machine.

Ⅲ. Advantages of 4-roll plate bending machine

1. Select the excellent integrated hydraulic transmission system with good reliability.

2. The shear angle is adjustable to reduce the distortion of the thick plate.

3. The upper knife table adopts an inwardly inclined structure, which is conducive to blanking and improves the precision of production.

4. The 4-roll plate bending machine adopts three-point support point linear guide rail to clear the support point gap and improve the cutting quality.

5. The adjustment of the gap handle of the cutter head is fast, precise and convenient.

6. Rectangular frame cutter head. All four tooth surfaces can be applied, and the service life is long.

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