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Does the 4-roll Plate Rolling Machine Work Efficiently?

Plate rolling machine is a kind of forging machine equipment that can bend non-metallic sheets into cones, spheres, cylinders or other shapes. This bending plate machine performance is widely used in forging, boiler steam, chemical industry, non-metallic structures and machine manufacturing industries.

1. Understand the 4-roll plate rolling machine

The 4-roll plate bending machine is suitable for bending and forming of metal sheets. It can roll round, arc and conical workpieces within a certain range. Sheet metal can be roughly leveled on this machine. The four-roller and 3 roll bending machines have different rolling motions, but the working principle is the same. They all use the principle of three-point circle to roll with different radii. However, the straight edge and roundness of the pre-bending of the 4-roll plate bending machine are better than those of the three-roller. So how is the working efficiency of the 4-roll rolling machine?

2. Is the working efficiency of the 4-roll plate rolling machine high?

The working efficiency of the 4-roll plate rolling machine can be said to be very high because this kind of plate rolling machine is suitable for the bending and forming of metal sheets, so it can be used for circular or arc rolling work. In addition, it can also be done well for a certain range of cones. Moreover, compared with the three-roll plate bending machine, it also has the function of pre-bending the end of the plate, and its remaining straight edge is small, so it is said that the four-roll plate bending machine has high working efficiency.

3. If a 4-roll plate rolling machine is used to roll the cylinder, how should it be carried out?

Use a 4 roller plate bending machine to roll the cylinder. Generally speaking, before rolling, first make an arc template, and then perform pre-bending work, and check how the pre-bending radian is, whether it is meet the requirements, and whether it is properly controlled, etc. Then, it is rolled step by step in order to approach the standard cylinder size, so that the subsequent rounding work can also be facilitated.

Are there any precautions for using a 4-roller rolling machine? During this period, it should be noted that if the amount of pre-bending of the plate bending machine is too large, or there is a shortage, then it can be corrected by the 4-roll plate bending machine after the welding is completed, so as to A qualified cylinder is obtained.

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