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Why Does the Hydraulic Press Machine Not Respond?

The hydraulic press machine is composed of two major parts, the main engine and the control mechanism, using special hydraulic oil as the working medium. The main part of the hydraulic press includes the fuselage, the main cylinder, the ejector cylinder and the liquid filling device. What should I do if I find that the hydraulic press does not respond, and what is the reason for this?

1. Wear and tear of hydraulic press machine

During the movement of the hydraulic spool, valve sleeve, valve body and other mechanical parts of the hydraulic press machine in china, friction is constantly generated during use, which makes the size, shape and surface quality of the parts change and fail. The wear or deformation of the spool of the electromagnetic reversing valve will cause the valve to leak and reduce the efficiency, and the dirt will easily enter the gap or deformation so that the spool will be mechanically blocked. If the fitting clearance between the valve core and the valve hole is too large, a pressure shock will occur. The wear of the pilot valve of the pressure reducing valve will make the valve work unstable, or even unable to adjust the pressure. The pilot poppet valve (or pilot small ball valve) of the relief valve is not tightly sealed due to wear and cannot be properly regulated. The one-way valve of the one-way throttle (speed control) valve is partially worn, and the seal is not tight, and part of the oil flow will flow away through the one-way valve, affecting the sensitivity of speed control.

2. Fatigue of hydraulic press machine

Working under long-term load, the spring in the hydraulic valve of the hydraulic press machine such as the horizontal hydraulic press machine will become soft due to fatigue, the spring length will be shortened or the entire spring will be broken; the valve core and valve seat will also be fatigued, resulting in cracks, peeling or other damage. These all have the potential to cause the valve to fail. Fatigued, or broken springs on the relief valve main spool or pilot valve will cause the system to fail to meet pressure requirements. If the spring of the reversing valve is too soft or shortened, it will affect the working position and normal reset of the valve core, so that the system cannot work normally.

3. Deformation and corrosion of hydraulic press machine

When the residual stress of the hydraulic valve parts of the hydraulic press machine in the processing process and the use process, when the external load stress exceeds the yield strength of the part material, the parts will deform and fail to complete the normal function. The spool of the relief valve of the hydraulic press machine is bent and deformed or the spring is deformed, which will make the spool move inflexibly, resulting in unstable system pressure. The bending deformation of the spool of the unloading valve will cause the spool to move slowly, making the system's conversion process from unloading to working pressure or working pressure to unloading slow. The bending and deformation of the valve core of the reversing valve will make hydraulic press machine uses difficult for the valve reversing action to be performed normally. Note that improper assembly may also cause deformation of the parts. For example, the valve body deformation caused by the over-tightening of the reversing valve assembly screw may cause the valve core to be blocked. The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press contains too much water or acidic substances, which will corrode the relevant parts in the hydraulic valve after long-term use, causing it to lose its due precision and fail.

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