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EZHONG's Full Drive 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

The increasingly developing industries such as aerospace, military weapons, shipbuilding, chemical industry, metallurgy, and engineering machinery are increasingly demanding plate rolling machines, and the requirements for plate rolling accuracy are getting higher and higher. With the rapid development of my country's manufacturing and power industry, especially wind power, which is encouraged by the clean energy policy, large sets of plate rolling machines are needed for pipelines, towers, etc. In offshore petroleum, petrochemical, and other industries, pressure vessel products are becoming larger and smarter. Thousand-ton hydrogenation reactors and 10,000 cubic meters of natural gas spherical tanks are widely used in our country, making large-scale bending machines for forming thick plates and high-strength plates become key equipment. In recent years, the development of plate roll bending machine has formed a considerable scale in our country, and its manufacturing level is constantly improving. After decades of development, EZHONG (Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD.) has accumulated very rich experience in manufacturing large-scale rolling machine equipment. The most important thing is that Xin Ezhong has manufactured the largest three-roller plate bending machine in China, which has played a leading role in the development of the national equipment manufacturing industry.

On November 15, 2021, the domestic most advanced full-drive 3 roll bending machine contracted by EZHONG was accepted by China Railway Major Bridge Engineering. China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited. It is the only large-scale engineering company in China that integrates bridge scientific research, survey and design, engineering construction, and machinery manufacturing. The company can build various bridges under all kinds of rivers, lakes, seas, and harsh geological and environmental conditions. The company has always regarded "promoting the development of China's bridge industry and surpassing the world's advanced level of bridge technology" as its highest philosophy and sacred mission and has always been the backbone and leading enterprise in China's bridge construction. We will insist on the enterprise spirit of "devoting to building bridges and surpassing oneself" and take the development of bridge technology as our responsibility. EZHONG aims at world-class bridge technology and continues to lead China's bridge construction industry to a more advanced level. The following photos are the acceptance site.

The full hydraulic 3 roll plate bending machine is that each independent drive roller is directly connected with a hydraulic motor. Torque can directly drive the plate to avoid power loss. Through the proportional control valve and the digital electric control system, the steel plate rolling speed can be steplessly adjusted. The depressing cylinder is built into the bed, which solves the problem of piston rod strain caused by the accumulation of oxide scale on the workpiece during the rolling process caused by the exposed piston rod of the depressing cylinder. Moreover, a cone-shaped small-mouth reduction device is provided on the side of the openable and closeable bearing seat of the upper and lower work rolls. Through the unique hydraulic system design and working pressure detection, combined with the electronic control system design, the equipment can be smoothly unloaded under high pressure, avoiding the bounce movement of the workpiece and the impact of the "water hammer" phenomenon generated by the hydraulic system on the pipeline. The working pressure of the hydraulic system and each cylinder, the working state of the motor, and the displacement of the displacement sensor are all displayed on the display screen in the form of instrument controls. EZHONG Hubei Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd will continue to promote the enterprise spirit of pragmatism, harmony, and leapfrogging with one heart, and make persistent efforts to climb the peak. We will dedicate high-quality, high-technological, and economical metal fabrication equipment to make greater contributions to the development of the national economy and the construction of a harmonious society.

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