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How to Judge Whether CNC Plate Rolling Machine Is Running Normally?

The working principle of the plate rolling machine is to move the working roll through the action of external forces such as hydraulic pressure and mechanical force, and to bend or roll the plate. The rotating movement and position change of different shapes of the work rolls can process the elliptic parts, arc-shaped parts, cylindrical parts, etc. CNC plate rolling machine is widely used in industries such as energy, transportation, petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, hydropower, and metal structure. The machine can be used to roll tapered, round, and arc workpieces.

Ⅰ. Main characteristics of CNC plate rolling machine

1. The working capacity of the cnc plate rolling machine is determined as the thickness of large plate (pre-bending thickness), the width of plate, the material of plate rolling and the diameter of small drum. The conversion of the four parameters to each other during operation is the conversion relation of the working capacity of the machine.

2. This machine can roll tapered workpiece. When rolling tapered workpiece, the capacity of tapered workpiece is required to be 60% of the capacity of the equipment due to the large force at the single end. The rolled taper generally does not exceed 30°. However, as the plate width and the equipment load decrease, the taper can be increased accordingly.

3. The diameter of the two rollers is large, and there is enough strength, so the CNC plate rolling machine does not need the roller device. Thus, the failure rate of equipment can be effectively reduced.

Ⅱ. How to judge whether CNC plate rolling machine is running normally?

We found that many customers can quickly start using the CNC plate rolling machine, but once there is a problem, they feel at a loss and do not know how to deal with it. If we can understand and even master some common sense about the normal operation of the sheet metal forming machine, we can easily solve the problems. How to judge whether the CNC plate rolling machine is running normally?

Turn on the CNC plate rolling machine first. When idling, the noise of the CNC plate rolling machine shall not exceed 90dB. When the gear, as well as the electrical and hydraulic parts run, there should be no irregular impact sound and periodic squeal.

Try whether the mechanical transmission system runs normally and stably, and whether the brake is sensitive and reliable. Then check whether there is leakage on hydraulic components and pipelines. In the operation process of sheet metal roll forming machines, the oil temperature in the tank shall not exceed 50℃. After 4-hours continuous full load, the oil temperature in the tank shall not exceed 60℃. In the working range, vibration crawling, stagnation and obvious impact phenomenon should not occur in hydraulic transmission parts.

EZHONG believes that if operators master the above judgment knowledge in the use of CNC plate rolling machine, not only can the service life of CNC plate rolling machine be effectively prolonged, but the CNC plate rolling machine can play its maximum function.

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